Posted by Carl Gerhardt on Mar 10, 2018
On 3/8/2018 & 3/9/2018, the Magnolia Rotary Club helped members of the TOMAGWA group give elementary kids a dental check up from Dr. Kim Nguyen. The Rotary Club members helped the kids learn about dental health while they waited their turn to get a check up. Pictured above from left to right are Rotarians:  Frank Parker, Melissa Pride, Charles Schultz, Kelly McDonald, Janice Thigpen, Barbara Provencher, Hope Moye, and Carl Gerhardt.
Dr. Kim Nguyen was very helpful in assigning duties to everyone to make sure the kids were kept busy with dental hygiene learning while waiting their turn to see Dr. Nguyen. All of the kids were given a bag to write their name on and after their check up, they received a gift of a toothbrush, toothpaste, and some fun dental stickers. While waiting, they were able to color pictures, play with large dental toys such as a toothbrush, plastic teeth and silly putty. One bright girl even made a complete set of teeth and braces out of the silly putty (photo below). The kids were also asked about what foods were healthy and which were not. They also learned about the "Sugar Monster" who ate sugar that left bad bacteria in your month. In addition, they learned how to brush their teeth and their tongue.
Pictures taken during the day can be seen below. We were not allowed to take pictures of the kids so some of the cute events with the kids were not taken pictures of.