On June 30, 2015, Randy Wells, Certified CHL Instructor, spoke to the club about personal safety and what to do in emergencies. Randy is pictured in the above photo.
Randy Wells is a certified CHL instructor who is also an ordained minister. He has been married to the same women for 37 years, has 4 kids and 3 grandkids. He told everyone that he was speaking to us as a husband and father because that is how important it is to protect one's family. Although a minister, Randy was in the military and personal safety is one of his passions. He told everyone that the world we now live in has become a much more deadly place and crooks and murderers are smarter and better equipped now than they used to be due to all of the new technology and their knowledge of most human behavior. They also travel in packs and sometimes as many as 6-7 crooks will break into a home. Basically, Randy told us that "this is not Mayberry anymore".
Randy told us a story about a well know physician who not only had his home broken into, but was beaten & tied up while his wife and two daughters were brutally raped for almost 6 hours before being murdered and he was forced to hear their screams for his help the entire time. Randy said he does not apologize for scaring people because of the dangerous times we live in. Everyone needs to have a plan in case some bad person tries to harm them. He also told us that crooks tend to break into homes at the same time as the evening meal because they know the home alarms are usually off and the husband can be forced to let them do anything they want when a wife or child is threatened by them.
Randy told everyone that the key 5 things to remember about staying safe are:
1. Non-attendance - Don't show up to events that are more susceptible to violence like sporting events.
2. Functional Invisibility - Don't draw attention to yourself and be aware of your surroundings.
3. De-Selection - Don't go to known bad areas of town or into potentially bad situations.
4. Disengagement - Move away from dangerous areas as soon as possible.
5. Have a plan - Your family should sit down and have a plan for just such an emergency.
Randy also told everyone that they should carry a knife that can be brought out of your pocket and be ready to use immediately. Also, everyone should carry a bright light (at least 190 Lumens) to shine in the face of a would be attacker. The third thing everyone should have handy is a pepper spray with a green dye in it. Randy told us to not only spray a potential attacker in the face but also spray their shirt so that when they try to wipe their eyes with their shirt, they will simply make their pain worse. Also, if they try to use water to clean off the dye, it simply reactivates it and makes everything worse.
According to Randy, the last thing anyone should ever use is a gun but in some cases, it is warranted. Randy has training classes in the use of handguns and offers CHL (Concealed Handgun License) classes. For more information about Randy's classes or his CHL business, go to www.SafeGuardCHL.com.