Posted by Carl Gerhardt on Feb 06, 2018
On 2/6/2018, the Magnolia Rotary Club met at the HEB located at 7988 FM 1488, MAGNOLIA, TX  77354 for the club's monthly breakfast meeting. This meeting was an internal club meeting. The photo above is of the 100% Rotary Foundation Giving participation award including at least $100 per capita in giving.
Rotary president Kelly McDonald told everyone how proud she was of our small club for winning the three 2016-2017 Foundation Giving awards as well as being the number 2 club in the district for the highest percentage of membership increases (4) for the year.  In addition, she congratulated our club for our two outstanding Interract Clubs and told everyone that MWHS won a presidential citation for the 2016-2017 year.
Kelly also announced that our upcoming District Grant Project, Super Hero Dental Day, at Lyons Elementary will be held on March 8th and 9th and that all our club members who participate are invited to a Nacho Normal Club Social at a local Mexican Food restaurant.
Kelly then opened the business part of the meeting to let everyone know that Provencher has decided to not be our next president as she will be traveling for an extended time during our 2017-2018 year. Kelly then nominated Chase Hogan as President Elect and Janice Thigpen as President Nominee. Kelly then asked if there were other nominations from the floor. Since there were no other nominations, the membership voted to finalize the nominations and the membership agreed unanimously. Kelly also noted that the club board had approved both of the nominees going to the next RI Convention to be held in Toronto, Canada with the club paying for their expenses.
One of our newest members, Yvette Castro, gave her blue badge presentation to tell the other club members about herself.