Posted by Angie Johns on Jun 12, 2018
Lisa Varholy - Meals on Wheels Montgomery County Coordinator
Today, Lisa Varholy, Meals on Wheels Montgomery County Coordinator gave an overview of the Meals on Wheels program and how we can volunteer to help.
Three years ago there were 300 people waitlisted, taking approximately one yard to get on the schedule. As of today, the waitlist has been reduces per executive director involvement. The goal for this year is to add 45 new clients. In 2017 130,000 meals were served.
Hot meals are made daily for urban routes (M-F). Kitchen tours are available on the first Friday of every month. Rural routes receive frozen food once a week. Clients are all homebound. Oldest client is 103 years old. 81 clients live alone. 
Pickup locations are in Willis, New Caney, Conroe, and The Woodlands.
To become a client:
  • have an assessment of their daily living conditions
  • Must be 60 years or older
  • Homebound.
More volunteers are needed in the summertime
The procedure for delivering meals:
  • Meet at correct location and get route sheet
  • Count and verify enough meals
  • When arriving at client location, state name and Meals on Wheels
  • Call if someone doesn't answer and document on route sheet
  • If frozen meals are left, return rest to center
  • If any issues, call office
  • Call 211, United Way Hotline. Clients can use United Way for help in other areas
  • Blank square on route sheet must be initialled by client to receive funding
  • When done, sign and date route sheet.
To apply to Volunteer:
  • Fill out application and liability form
  • Watch short video relating to confidentiality
  • When Done, receive certificate
  • Lisa will sent email of acceptance
Lisa Varholy
Meals Delivery Volunteer Coordinator