Posted by Carl Gerhardt on Oct 23, 2018
On 10/23/2018, Jim Spigener spoke to the membership of the Magnolia Rotary Club about why he is running for a position on the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District (LSGCD) Board of Directors. Pictured above is Jim Spigener.
Jim explained that he has lived in the Magnolia area for the past 12 years but it was not until he received a $900.00 water bill when he lived in Lake Windcrest that he decided to do something about it. He went to his local water company to complain about the extremely high bill he had received. However, the people of the water company sat down with him and explained why his bill was the result of two outside groups who force the high rates on local water companies. The two groups that are doing this are the LSGCD and the San Jacinto River Authority. Once he looked into the problem a little more he decided that there were a number of problems with the boards of both groups and that the only way to make any changes was to get on the board of one of them. That is why he is running for a place on the LSGCD board in the November 6th election.
Jim broke the problems down into 3 areas:

1. "Administrative Overreach".

We have had an agency (the LSGCD) who was appointed with no legislative authority to GOVERN. This agency has forced the municipalities of Conroe and Magnolia, many MUDs and private water providers into "Groundwater Reduction Plans". Someone please point to the statute that gives the LSGCD the power to do this? These GRP's allow for discrimination among water users. Especially those in the counties around Montgomery County they have in some cases unlimited pumping restrictions, UNFAIR? i should think so. Furthermore these GRPs violate '"Texas property rights law" and Texas water code.

This "Administrative Overreach" has to stop. We are losing our rights in this country through this insidious "Administrative Overreach"

2. The Water shortage Myth and Subsidence scare.

First there is no groundwater shortage in Montgomery County nor will there be for the rest of this century. Read the well known and respected "The Water Budget Myth" paper on groundwater hydrology. It explains, with science how we have more potential recharge and groundwater storage than any other region in Texas. So why the huge burden placed upon all of you for a conversion to SJRA water instead of the water that is already yours? Think of who benefits from this conversion?

Subsidence? According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS) groundwater models , monitoring data and historical data indicate the Jasper Aquifer (the one we use in Montgomery county the heaviest) is not susceptible to subsidence. in fact a USGS report I saw indicated increasing water levels in Montgomery County over the last five years in over 80% of the wells they monitor. So why is the messaging from the SJRA and the LSGCD board using the threat of subsidence as a reason for you to accept these astronomical costs to rush to Surface water? Once Again ask yourself who benefits?


Finally let's put law aside for a moment. Just for a moment lets consider RIGHT VS WRONG. Lets use basic, objective ETHICS that we still cherish in this community. Ethics that are central to Judaeo Christian teachings and values. Why did LSGCD use taxpayer money to fight 2 lawsuits they absolutely knew were wrong and had no chance to win. These suits cost the agency 1.8 million dollars. In the end they admitted they were wrong on one of the lawsuits at the 11th hour after spending over 700 thousand dollars of your money. The courts have also ruled their rules for imposing these restrictions allowing for the SJRA to tax us were UNREASONABLE.

Then why does the director of the SJRA (who is in the business of selling surface water) sitting on the board of the LSGCD (who is in the business of regulating and restricting the use of groundwater). This is a glaring CONFLICT OF INTEREST! At a minimum why doesn't he recuse himself from voting on matters that advance his governmental agency sell us water at higher prices. In fact why isn't the SJRA an elected board? Speak of "Administrative Overreach" this agency could be the poster child for this.

Jim suggested the following URLs to get more information on the above issues, please see 1), 2), 3)