Posted by Carl Gerhardt on Jul 10, 2018
On 7/10/2018 DG John Hathaway visited the Magnolia Rotary Club at High Meadow Ranch Golf Club to provide his insights into what Rotary is all about. Pictured above from left to right are Assistant Governor, Bill Friebel, Magnolia Rotary Club President Chase Hogan, and District Governor John Hathaway.
Assistant Governor Bill Friebel introduced DG John Hathaway to the Magnolia Rotary Club membership and told everyone that DG John Hathaway has been involved in Rotary for many years and has served as Assistant DG and Club President as well as being very involved in his home club of The Woodlands, Texas since 1982. John and his wife Nancy have also taken in multiple Rotary Exchange Students over the years.
DG John Hathaway then told everyone that he believes that the District serves as a liaison between the local Rotary club and Rotary International and as such he wants to help each club achieve their best and promised to answer questions and work with each club within the district in any way possible within the scope of Rotary. His goal is to turn local clubs into great clubs! DG John Hathaway also stated that many people in our communities do not have a clue about what Rotary does and that includes even some members within the local clubs. He pointed out that the District 5910 website as well as MyRotary and Rotary International websites contain many help guides and stories  to help the individual learn more about Rotary.
DG John Hathaway then told everyone that Rotary can be viewed as 3 peas in a pod:
  • First Pea:
  1. The first pea in the Rotary Pod is "Participation". Be involved in your local club and seek out ways to be involved in its projects, register with "MyRotary"  and make use of it as well as the Rotary International websites.
  2. Join one of the 26 Rotary Action Groups and get involved in something that is one of your passions.
  3. Attend both District and International Conferences. The 2018-2019 District Conference will be on April 5-7, 2019 and will be hosted by the Woodlands, Texas Rotary Club.
  4. If at all possible, participate in a RYLA camp. The next camp will be held on January 11-13, 2019. Watch the District website for detailed information.
  • Second Pea:
  1. The second pea is Global Peace and Rotary has been active in the that process for more than a decade and the Rotary Peace Centers have been developing leaders in peace and conflict prevention and resolution. But that program isn’t Rotary’s only contribution to a more peaceful world. Every time Rotary members provide clean water and sanitation, support basic education, grow local economies, or stop the spread of infectious diseases, they’re building peace.
  2. District 5910 has committed $5000 to this years world peace efforts. The next Rotary Peace Conference will be held on February 8-10, 2019.
  3. As an aside, DG John Hathway told everyone that his son works for PIXAR and will be speaking at the District 5910 Conference in April 5-7, 2019.
  • Third Pea:
  1. The third pea is to eradicate Polio. For this part of his presentation, DG John Hathaway put on his Santa hat and explained that he stands in for the jolly old elf each Christmas and has agreed to have his beard shaved off at the 2019 District Conference next April if contributions from Clubs and individuals in the District to the Polio Plus campaign equal or exceed $167,000 by that time.  Due to a local match of dollar for dollar (up to $175,000) and the Bill and Melinda Gates two for one match, a contribution in that amount will result in $1,000,000 being raised to continue the Rotary effort to eradicate Polio! He further explained that this is not a request to transfer your contributions to the Rotary Foundation from the Annual Fund to Polio Plus as we still need to meet our future obligations to other Rotary charitable activities such as District and Global Grants and Global Scholarships.
  2. Although Rotary is very close to the eradication of Polio, the few remaining countries are the hardest to eradicate. That is why he has offered to shave off his beautiful white beard in an effort to reach the goal he set.
  3. The District website will show a thermometer graph showing the percentage of the goal raised over the next year so go to the District website to keep up with the progress.
  4. A photo of DG John Hathaway with his Santa Hat can be seen below.