On February 3, 2015, Magnolia Rotary Club President, Dan Lowe, held a committee meeting to discuss the upcoming Paul Harris Awards event.
Dan then handed out draft copies of both the invitation and the agenda for the Paul Harris event. The proposed changes were as follows:
1. Add the physical address of the High Meadow Ranch House to the invitation so that guests can locate the building with a GPS device.
1. Try to get a member of the clergy to give the blessing.
2. Dan will do introductions but neither the District Governor or Assistant Governor should give a presentation.
3. Jennifer West to help the District Governor hand out the Paul Harris Awards and then close the event with closing remarks.
4. Make sure that any guest speaker speaks to how the Magnolia Rotary Club has helped them. Need to focus on results.
5. Some suggestion for speakers included Janette Winklemann (Raptor Cage Project), Dan Lowe (Mike Ogg), Dakota (a past student who received scholarship funds), Cherry Edwards (Education Station), Kira Sears-Elliot (to talk about how rotary partnered with the YMCA T-Shirts for Diapers / Back Pack programs), and one of the high school RYLA sponsor or principal to discuss Interact and RYLA. Also, if we can get a RYLA student on video and play the video that would be good.
6. Add the giving of a $1,000 scholarship certificate to Faith Fisher (girl who earned the most community hours).
7. Drop raffle tickets/cards (like we do at Rotary meetings).
8. Do not have a cash bar. Our club to provide all drinks including wine and beer.
9. Get a case or two of wine and charge $20 for each wrapped bottle but sprinkle some $20 & $50 bills in the wrapping around each bottle.
10. Get a group photo of the Magnolia Rotary Club members to show at the event.
11. Carl won't be there so Diane Payne agreed to take photos of the event and get them to Carl.
Dan then agreed to update the documents and either bring to the next meeting or email them to all members.