Posted by Carl Gerhardt on Jul 18, 2017
On 7/18/2017, the President of the Magnolia Rotary Club, Kelly McDonald, provided her vision of what some of the possible upcoming year's projects might look like. Above is a photo of Kelly McDonald providing her overview of the coming year.
Kelly McDonald started the meeting by having several groups of two people gather and then present information on each other. This was a fun exercise and provided some insights into those who participated.
Kelly then presented some of her possible ideas for projects that our club might do in the coming year. The project ideas were:
1. Addition to Unity Park - Kelly told everyone that Marcy Parker had an idea of adding some outdoor musical instruments (like drums and xylophones) for special needs kids who like to play on items like this. She got the idea from other inclusive parks that have them. Kelly also told everyone that our District 5910 board decided to present our club with a $750 grant for having been one of the top three clubs who give $100 per member every year. This new money could be used for this purpose if our club board approves.
2. The "Rise Against Hunger" project that our club was part of last year could be done again this year and made even better by partnering with two other clubs in our district (The Woodlands and Lake Conroe). Kelly has already discussed the idea with members of the other two clubs and it seems like they would be glad to partner with us.
3. Bringing Peace To Magnolia - An idea from the Peace Conference in Atlanta this year, Kelly explained that Rotarian Trainers from that conference might be willing to train some students in our schools about how to bring peace to almost any issue arising in their lives if our club board approves.
4. Zoom Video Conferencing - Kelly explained a little about a new free video conferencing tool (similiar to "Goto Meeting") that could be used to get new members who could not come to our club meetings but who might be able to video conference in to our meetings. Our club could also get speakers from anywhere in the world using the same tool. The equipment for our end of the conference would have to be purchased to make this happen. Again, this a decision our club board would have to make. An example of a remote speaker idea can be seen below:
5. We will be participating in our club's part of the Magnolia Bowl again this year. This is our only fund raiser during the year.
6. Our grant project this year will be with TOMAGWA to help needy children get dental care (Smiles for Super Heroes).
7. Our new International Rotary President has asked that every Rotarian plant a tree this year so we will be participating in that effort.