Posted by Carl Gerhardt on May 21, 2019
On May 21, 2019, Jill Boullion, the Executive Director for the Bayou Land Conservancy (BLC), spoke to the Magnolia Rotary Club membership about what the BLC is and what it does. Pictured above is Jill Boullion.
The Rotary Programs Director, Hope Moye, introduced Jill Boullion to the membership.  Hope told everyone that as Executive Director, Jill manages the day-to-day operations of BLC and oversees the implementation of board directed strategic initiatives. Her background in communications and marketing drives her work on fundraising and raising awareness of BLC's work in the community. She has a bachlor's in Journalism from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and is a certified Professional Community and Economic Developer. Experience gained in her previous role, working on public policy issues for a local watershed organization, inspired her to start BLC's first Public Policy Committee. Growing up in a small Nebraska farming community gave her a love and appreciation for open spaces. Jill currently lives in the Greens Bayou Watershed and knows exactly where the closest stream flow measuring device is located.
Jill told everyone that the mission of BLC is to "preserve land along streams for flood control, clean water and wildlife. the BLC also believes that the preservation of natural floodplains is critical to reducing flood risk to people, homes, schools, and businesses. Protecting and preserving natural land is the best first line of defense against flooding.
Jill then went through a slide show explaining what a land trust is and who controls such a trust. She also spoke about the Lake Houston Watershed (around 4,000 square miles) and the Spring Creek Nature Trail in addition to our own Lake Creek Greenway. She pointed out that Lake Creek is the only natural waterway that is not impaired by bacteria. Jill also provided a handout on the Spring Creek Nature Trail and showed a number of maps of the areas protected by BLC in Texas. One of those maps can be seen below:
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