On 3/2/2021, Jean Radach (Executive Director of Angel Reach) spoke to the membership of the Magnolia Rotary Club about what Angel Reach does in our community. Pictured above is Jean Radach.
Jean told everyone that Angel Reach was founded in Conroe, Texas, as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization by foster and adoptive parents Sandra Carpenter and Deborah Zempel, Angel Reach was originally created to help fellow foster parents provide for the ever-changing needs of the children that would come and go in their homes.  In 2004, the Kinship Program was launched in Montgomery County when it became apparent that Angel Reach’s services were desperately needed by the caregivers in this program.  In 2011, the Transitional Living program was created to assist youth aging out of foster care.
Jean further pointed out that Angel Reach is a faith-based nonprofit organization that works with young adults ages 16-24 who have aged out of the foster care system and/or who are homeless.  Many of these youth feel lost and alone.  They are now on their own and have no place to live.  They need Angel Reach's support to help them find their way to becoming emotionally stable and financially independent.  Angel Reach is also a ministry that supports families who care for children removed from their homes by Children’s Protective Services (CPS).
Jean explained that although Angel Reach provides food, lodging, counseling, financial coaching and other things, they do not believe that just giving everything to these young individuals helps them. Therefore, every young adult that stays with them is required to pay a minimum of $50 a month to stay there. As each young person gains employment and is able to pay more, the rate goes first to $200 a month and then to $400 a month. Half of this amount is placed in a saving fund for each individual and is used later when they need to purchase something they require such as a car or motorcycle. Anything in the fund not spent is theirs when they finally move out on their own. This helps them to learn how to save.
Jean explained that Angel Reach tries to help each individual going through their program by helping them get:
  • A high school degree at a minimum.
  • Financial coaching
  • Free counseling
  • A safe place to live.
  • Job interviewing skills.
  • A full time job that can lead to financial stability.
  • A community support system like a church or other organization.
Angel reach also does random drug testing and if an individual tests positive for drugs, they must go to drug counseling or leave Angel Reach. Jean explained that some individuals do leave but many come back after they find that drugs are not a safe way to achieve anything.
Jean also talked about an individual who helped them get a piece of property with a single home that up to 8 kids can stay safely in. Angel Reach is currently working to build more of these home units to house more individuals. Angel Reach also was fortunate enough to get a building to use for an office which they did not have in the past.
When asked about their fundraisers, Jean explained that they hold two events each year to help with their fundraising efforts. Angel Reach also has a store where "beautiful furniture at prices that will make you smile" can be purchased. It is called "Angels Loft" and is a great place to shop for those furniture deals that are just begging to go home with you. All sales proceeds benefit Angel Reach and its programs.
Jean told everyone that they never have enough volunteers and it is the volunteers that really make Angel Reach work for the young adults who go through the program. She urged anyone who was interested in volunteering to please contact Angel Reach or herself to see how to get involved. For more information, go to www.angelreach.org.
A photo of those attending the meeting can be seen below: