Posted by Carl Gerhardt on Apr 02, 2019
On April 2, 2019, MWHS Principal Dr. Ben King, presented the three "Students of Excellence" for this quarter to the membership of the Magnolia Rotary Club. Pictured above from left to right are: Olivia Inberg, Courtney Kramer, Parker Hawks, and MWHS Principal Dr. Ben King.
Dr. King thanked the Magnolia Rotary Club membership for giving him a chance to show off some of his best students. He also mentioned that all three students were members of the same 6-student AP Physics class and therefore, half of the class would be missed if not back to school by 12:45 PM (Rotary president Chase Hogan reordered the regular meeting to allow the student to go first). Dr. King then brought the students up one by one and gave a short summary of each student's capabilities and plans for college.
  1. Courtney Kramer - Courtney is a senior at MWHS and is the current president of the Rotary Interact Club. She plans on going to Texas A&M after graduation and will major in Bio-Medical Engineering. Courtney told everyone that under her leadership, the MWHS Interact Club raised $839.00 for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.
  2. Olivia Inberg - Olivia is a senior at MWHS and is known as a "Rock Star" singer in the MWHS Choir. Her plans are to pursue a Music Degree at the prestigious St. Olaf College located in Minnesota.
  3. Parker Hawks - Parker is a senior at MWHS and is a key player for the schools soccer team (in fact playing tonight at College Station). Parker is also an Eagle Scout and plans on going on a mission trip after graduating before deciding what he wants to do with his life.
The Magnolia Rotary Club gave all of the students a Certificate of Appreciation and thanked all of the parents for raising such amazing students.