Posted by Carl Gerhardt on Nov 13, 2018
On 11/13/2018, Real Provencher spoke to the membership of the Magnolia Rotary Club about our club's Global Peace Project. Pictured above is Real Provencher.
Real explained that the Global Peace Project that the Magnolia Rotary Club has signed up for is an effort by Rotary District 5910 to complete a Global Rotary Project which has never been done before. The project is still in the planning phase but the goal is to train young leaders to prevent and mediate conflict in Sierra Leone in order to build the capacity for "Sustainable Peace". Our current partners are:
  • International Club - Magnolia Rotary Club, USA, District 5910
  • Host Club: Bo Rotary Club, Sierra Leone, District 9101
  • Cooperating Organization: Mediators Beyond Borders International (MBBI)
Through workshops, focus groups, and one-on-one interviews in four Sierra Leone regions with more than 300 participants, data was gathered from women and youth organizations, Rotarians, business people, local community leaders including tribal chiefs, faith group, media and education groups. The findings from this effort were that when compared with other peaceful countries, Sierra Leone needs to have more capable women and "youth leaders" (defined as both men and women between the ages of 21 and 35) involved in a leadership role within the country.
To achieve the desired outcome, some key elements of a leadership / empowerment program have been defined as:
  • Two 1-year long programs. One for 28 high profile youth and one for 28 women aspiring to political office.
  • 5-day intensive residential training, monthly coaching, peer support groups and webinars.
  • Participants from throughout Sierra Leone.
  • Six international training experts and coaches (Real will be one of these).
  • Community projects implemented by participants.
The "Youth Leadership Development Program" will build the capacity to address unemployment issues and empower youth to become change agents for non-violent problem solving and serve as resources for community development. The "Women's Leadership/Empowerment Program" will build the capacity to manage gender role issues and become community leaders while addressing conflict situations as well as to equip women to seek public office.
The proposed funding for this projects is as follows:
  • Budget: $115,000
  • Magnolia Rotary Club: Raise $56,000
  • District 5910 Match: $14,000
  • Rotary Foundation Match: $42,000
  • Bo Rotary Club and District 91: Raise $3,000
The responsibilities of our club will be:
  • Raise $56,000
  • Manage the Global Grant Process
  • File all reports with the Rotary Foundation
  • Have fiduciary responsibility for the project by managing all funds expended outside of Sierra Leone
  • Participate on Vocational Training Team
  • Provide leadership and change agent training
  • Facilitate small group leadership challenges
  • Facilitate peer group coaching efforts
Next Steps:
  • Finalize a draft of the Global Grant Application
  • Fundraising effort - pledges only
    • Club presentations
    • Individual and corporate sponsors
    • Appeal to Houstonians originally from Sierra Leone
    • Present at the Houston Peace Conference in February
    • Display at the District Conference and District Assemblies
Real also asked for a large percentage of Magnolia Rotary Club members to contribute at some level but not to use any funds planned for the Rotary Foundation.