Timika Simmons and Kristy Salmas bring our club up to date on TOMAGWA's mission.

TOMAGWA Healthcare Ministries, which provides a variety of medical services for needy people in the Magnolia, Tomball and Waller communities is evolving and increasing its capabilities, CEO Timika Simmons told the Rotary Club of Magnolia on Tuesday, Oct. 8.

               A major step forward was achieved when the nonprofit agency earned the ability to apply for federal grants for some of its services.  As a private, non-governmental group, TOMAGWA had to be designated a “FQHC Look-Alike,” putting it on the same basis as government-affiliated agencies.  FQHC stands for Federally Qualified Health Center.

               Ms. Simmons reviewed the history of TOMAGWA, its current situation, and enthusiastically described plans for expansion and new services.  It provides medical services, dental services and operates a pharmacy through its locations in Magnolia, Tomball and Waller.  The Magnolia and Tomball locations are now open five days a week, up from the 2-3 days per week it was able to operate until fairly recently.

               In addition to the medical and dental services, TOMAGWA assists its clients in obtaining Medicaid and Medicare claims to which they may be entitled. The agency’s mission is to assist people who lack medical insurance, or whose insurance plans fail to cover vital items like certain drugs.