On 9/22/2015, the Magnolia Rotary Club invited Magnolia, Texas Chief of Police Terry Enloe to speak about local policemen and the difficulties they face in current times. Pictured from left to right are Magnolia Rotary Club member Charlie Thacker and Magnolia, Texas Chief of Police, Terry Enloe.
The Magnolia Rotary Club invited any local police to join them for a meal at the Magnolia ESC on 9/22/2015 to be able to thank the local police for the work they do on our behalf.
Rotarian and retired Chief of Police of Stagecoach, Texas, Charlie Thacker welcomed the officers that were in attendance and thanked them for their role in our local communities. Charlie told everyone that police officers have always been under a great deal of pressure but in today's politically charged environment, there are black organizations that advocate the killing of any white policeman. This causes the local police to have to continually be aware of their surroundings and to be wary of an attack at any point in time whether on or off duty. Charlie told everyone even without this added pressure, police that make traffic stops are more likely to be killed than when doing any other duty. On behalf of himself and the Magnolia Rotary Club, Charlie told the offices present that we had their backs and appreciate them more than they know.
Rotarian Kelly McDonald then addressed the group and told everyone that she grew up as the daughter of a policeman and fully understands the pressures that they endure on a daily basis. Kelly told everyone that just this past week she had gone to a MISD elementary school and had received many letters from the kids there to local policemen. She then presented a number of the letters as well as a Magnolia Rotary Club Pin to Magnolia Chief of Police Terry Enloe, Chief David Wood who works for Constable David Hill Pct. 5, Constable David Hill, and Sgt. Billy Masden as well as several other off duty officers.
Kelly then introduced Magnolia Chief of Police Terry Enloe who told everyone that the population of the city of Magnolia is expected to increase by at least 35% in the next 5 years. Because of this, his office is currently rebuilding his force to be ready for that increase. Chief Enloe told us that the police force in America is seeing its darkest days because there are some black organizations who openly advocate for blacks to kill cops. Also, in many cases, policemen are charged when innocent because it is politically correct and easier than trying to fight for the officier if wrongly accused. However, Chief Enloe told everyone that he recently went to a function held by the Student Council at Magnolia High School where he was warmly welcomed and appreciated. He also brought three letters from students at that high school who thanked him and the officers under him for the job they do to protect us all. Chief Enloe read each letter to the group. One letter was from a student who's parents were police officers and that student wanted him to know that he had their backs because he was part of the families of police officers. Another letter was from a student who talked about the fact that police offices have a calling to make our community safe and he was very appreciative of our local police officers. The third letter was from a black student who wanted them to know that not all blacks are against police officers and that he personally wanted to thank our local officers for keeping us safe.
Charlie Riley then told everyone a story about how as a teenager he was riding a motor bike too fast down FM 1488 and was pulled over by Constable Davis Hill who not only gave him a good talking to but followed him home to his parents house so he could inform them about the situation. Charlie stated that Constable Hill and his parents turned him around that day and he has been thankful for that day ever since it happened. Charlie also told everyone that Constable David Hill was his Driver's education teacher in high school. This created some additional conversation about how important it is to have police officers interface with school students while they are still impressionable enough to make better citizens out of them.
Real Provencher then told all of the officers that they have a standing invitation to lunch any time they want to join us when we are meeting at the ESC.