Posted by Carl Gerhardt on Nov 28, 2017
On 11/28/2017, Christin McCumber spoke to the Magnolia Rotary Club about her charitable organization, "Humanity Rocks". Pictured above is Christin McCumber.
Christin told everyone that she has received numerous awards of recognition for her professional achievements over the past 22 years in Real Estate which she is extremely proud of, but none more so than the Waller based Non-Profit she Founded in December of 2015. Since that time, Christin has been instrumental organizing Christmas in 2015 and 2016 for over 425 people. Christin has connected numerous Donors to Individuals & Families in need and does so throughout the year. She recently filed & obtained Non-Profit status under Humanity Rocks and will still operate The Wish List of Texas for Christmas under the parent Non-Profit. In addition to all of these endeavors, Christin is working towards the development of a website that will encourage Community-based and Community-led initiatives throughout Waller and beyond.
Christin read the mission statement for The Wish List of Texas to everyone and it is repeated here:
The Wish List of Texas was created to help Donors connect with Individuals &  Families in need.  We feel blessed to help people experience the joy that comes  from giving to those less fortunate, suffering from a hardship or experiencing a  natural disaster. 
In January-March 2017, Christin and several other women fostered a battered single Mother with 3 children to help her get back on her feet. They were able to provide her with some requested needs and basic items so she could prepare food for her kids. The group also sent her and her oldest child to the Movies for his Birthday and gave gifts that his Mom could not afford. Christin and her Husband were also able to babysit the 2 younger children 2 & 5 years old so this Mom could spend some quality time with the 10 yr old.
In August/September 2017, Christin and The Wish List of Texas & Humanity Rocks started delivering Backpacks to Waller & Hempstead schools, to ensure that all children would have a backpack for the school year. In 3 weeks Christin delivered over 290 Backpacks and supplied Backpacks to CASA for DFPS kids.

In early January of 2017 Christin made arrangements with DFPS headquarters (CPS) to renovate the Rainbow room and Waiting area at the Hempstead DFPS Facility. In early February 2017 with the help and monetary support of herself and several of “The Wish List of Texas” members, Christin and a crew of volunteers showed up to give the 3 rooms at DFPS a make over. The DFPS office was transformed into a warm and inviting environment with child friendly furnishings that convert to beds so no child would have to sleep on the floor or feel as though they left one situation of neglect to come to another place that was less than warm and inviting. It was a complete success and Christin made time to hand paint child friendly murals on the wall as well.

Before Hurricane Harvey made it’s way onto land in late August of 2017, Christin delivered needed life jackets to First Responders donated by the Citizens of Waller County and Christin herself. Immediately following the Hurricane, she started organizing resources to send to those in need and began attending the Waller County Recovery meetings to find out where help was needed most and to learn about what improvements can be made for future response efforts in times of Disaster.

For the 2017 Christmas, Christin has already received a call from CASA to provide Christmas for 55 kids in Waller County. She plans to distribute the shopping list to her donor partners and make sure that those 55 kids will have Christmas this year. Christin told everyone that one item almost every member of every needy family wants is a blanket that she gets from Walmart.

For more information about Humanity Rocks and The Wish List of Texas, go to