On June 8, 2021, Dustin Bass. a co-founder of "The Sons of History" Organization spoke to the members of the Magnolia Rotary Club about the importance of teaching history to our school age kids and university students in a truthful manner. Pictured above from left to right is Kelly McDonald (President Elect of the Magnolia Rotary Club) and Dustin Bass.
Dustin told everyone that he was born in 1981 - the son of a preacher man. He was born and raised in Houston where he grew up to become a trifecta Houston sports fan (Astros, Rockets, and Texans), a journalist - now small business owner, an author, and a Golden Gloves Champion. Dustin is also a writer for the Epoch Times.

Dustin told everyone that he is also a graduate of Sam Houston State University and was literally the last student to receive a Journalism degree from SHSU (because they had changed the program to Mass Communications by the time he registered to receive his diploma).
When asked about who "The Sons of History" are, Dustin told everyone that literally, it is just two guys who love history. They also understand the importance of knowing history and learning from it. But more important than knowing and learning history, they believe we should be teaching it to others.

Students and adults alike feel that history is a boring subject. This may be because it is boringly taught or it may be because our attention spans are now shorter than that of a goldfish (actually scientifically proven). They also believe that history should be taught truthfully, including the good, the bad, and the ugly of history.
Dustin then attempted to show everyone a new video that his organization has completed (but not yet on their website). However, due to some technical issues, he was not able to do so. Dustin did promise that the new video would be up in the very near future on their website at https://www.thesonsofhistory.com/. They also have a podcast and can be seen on multiple media outlets such as Utube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Dustin then told everyone a little bit about Socrates, a classical ancient Greek philosopher who said many words of wisdom but also said that "there is no new thing under the sun". Dustin explained that what Socrates meant was that when it comes to the heart of man, nothing ever changes. This explains why although many forms of human government have been tried over the centuries, the heart of man always seems to find a way to tear them down eventually. The government of the U.S. is different from all other countries because at its founding, the founders new what was right and tried to not repeat the problems of other forms of government by creating a democratic republic with the people in charge. However, after over 300 years, there are now distinct signs that the U.S. may be doomed to also go down the path of previous failed governments because many people today have not been taught the truth about U.S. History by our own education systems. This is one of the reasons that the Sons of History was born. As Socrates once said, "those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it". Dustin also stated that the U.S. has been saved several times from going down this wrong path and we should all be positive when believing that it will once again take the right path.
For more information about The Sons of History, go to https://www.thesonsofhistory.com/.