On January 19, 2021 Rachael Burr, Executive Coach & Consultant spoke to the members of the Magnolia Rotary Club about the path to becoming a great leader. Pictured above is Rachael Burr.
Rachael gave a slide presentation providing everyone with the 7 steps to achieving great leadership skills. The 7 steps on the growth path to success are as follows:
Rachael walked through each of the steps and provided further insights as to how to make them work for anyone by also pointing out the following:
  • Change is inevitable, growth is optional!
  • A person's core building blocks are their strengths, values, and interests!
  • Nobody is afraid of the unknown. What a person really fears is the loss of the known!
  • A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. This is also true for anything you want to succeed at!
  • We are not alone when feeling self resistance to change. One needs to understand and overcome the resistance!
  • We always have a choice as to what to do. The problem is that many times we don't like the choices we have!
  • Every chance to celebrate a success is an opportunity to be taken! This is her husband's personal motto for life.
Rachael then provided the following information if anyone wanted to know more about her and her work:
A photo of those at the meeting can be seen below: