On Februray 28, 2017, Thatcher Freud spoke to the Magnolia Rotary Club members about why it is important for everyone to "write their memoirs" or tell their story. Pictured above is Thatcher Freud.
Mr. Thatcher Freud told everyone it is really important to record your story for your own family and friends. When asked if he is an author himself, he told everyone that he wrote the book titled "Object of Desire" which explores the high-stakes world of American antiques collecting.
Thatcher explained that he spends much of his time either helping people who want to write their memoirs or talking to Rotary Clubs or churches about the subject. He explained that no one wants to hear about someone else's perfect life because it is not interesting. When he helps someone write their memoir he tries to ask questions that help them dig out specific memories that stand out in their memory. He does this because he believes that "every memory is a story and every story is a memory". In fact, Thatcher stated that everything on TV as well as the words in songs is a story that in some cases a whole book could be written about. Thatcher also explained that story telling is as old a the human history and public story telling started with bards who stold stories through the use of plays even before the written word was available.
To prove his point that "everything is interesting" Thatcher told several delightfully funny and interesting stories. He stated that most people do not think that their lives are interesting but if you can get them to talk about some of their favorite memories, you can find out a great deal about their stories. Thatcher stated that every memory a person has affects who that person is.
Memories about love seem to be really interesting because if you google the word love, you will get over 7 billion hits on the subject. It is because the individual stories on the subject are interesting.