Posted by Carl Gerhardt on Jul 16, 2019
On 7/16/2019, Yvette McNellie told the very personal story about her own 17 year old daughter's mental health. Pictured above is Yvette McNellie.
In addition, her daughter also contracted a rare auto-immune disease that causes inflamation of her blood vessels. All of this was so difficult for her daughter and the family that they finally had to put her in "Family Teaching Model" therapy in Utah.  Her daughter has been there since the 2nd of February, 2019. The family gets to visit their daughter once a month in a very structured setting. The members of the Magnolia Rotary Club asked questions and thanked Yvette for sharing her very personal story with the group. Carla McDougal, Founder & CEO of Reflective Life Ministries also attended the meeting and told everyone that it is really important that individuals like Yvette share their stories so that the problem can be raised and more support for the problem can be obtained. Carla also thanked Yvette for sharing her story.
The Magnolia Rotary Club is very close to voting to use our yearly district grant to help this important cause. President Janice Thigpen will be working on the proposal and will be sharing it to the club members soon.
Later, President Janice Thigpen presented a gift to Past President Chase Hogan for all that he did for the club last year. A photo of the Chase Hogan with the gift can be seen below.