Posted by Carl Gerhardt on Aug 21, 2018
On 8/21/2018, Susan Johnson, a local Realtor, spoke to the membership of the Magnolia Rotary Club about the need for civil discourse in current politics. Pictured above from left to right are Rotary member Hope Moye, Susan Johnson, and Magnolia Rotary Club president Chase Hogan.
Susan told the group that she and her husband moved to the Magnolia area in 2001 because of how well the local school system was willing to work with her two special needs children. After both of her special needs children passed away, she decided to stay in the area and eventually opened her own real estate business. She is also involved with local politics and the Montgomery County Republican Women.
Susan then spoke about the fact that most people do not know much of anything about how local, county, and state politics work. Susan spoke a little about how a Precinct Chair gets elected as well as what the job requirements are for a person to become a precinct chair in the state of Texas. Susan then read the following qualifications for a Texas precinct chair to the group:
Precinct Chairs must be residents of their voting precinct, be registered voters, and not be candidates for nomination or election to, or be the holder of, an elective office of the federal, state, or county government. They are chosen by the Precinct's Republican Primary voters at the biennial General Primary Election. Together with the County Chair, who is chosen by the County Republican Primary voters at the biennial General Primary election, the Precinct Chairs constitute the Republican County Executive Committee. The term of office for both Party positions is two years. A list of the current Montgomery County precinct chairs can be found at:
Susan then pointed out that many people decide not to vote because they simply don't like how ugly and mean politics can get sometime. She said she has even run into this in her own immediate family. However, she has discovered recently that if she really enters into an actual discussion of the ideas, even the members of her own family who disagree with her politics, are inclined to actually listen and have a civil conversion instead of yelling at each other. As a result, Susan suggested that everyone should try this approach when discussing politics and possibly even invite people over to honestly talk and listen to each other about current politics.
Susan also suggested that if anyone has an interest in the local politics, they should do a little research and maybe join a political committee where any registered voter can participate in the political process. Susan also mentioned that there is a primary held every two years and after that vote, interested people come back and vote for local precinct chairs. She also indicated that almost anyone can become a delegate at the state convention if they want to get more involved.
Susan then left everyone with a quote she head somewhere: "Politics belongs to those who show up" and reminded everyone to go vote this November 6, 2018.