On 2/21/2017, Real Provencher provided an overview on a presentation he had seen at a Zone meeting titled "Strenghtening Rotary's Brand". Shown in the above photo is Real Provencher.
Real Provencher told  everyone that the Rotary Brand stands for so many good things in our world but only 2 out of 10 people actually have some idea of what Rotary is; 4 out of 10 people have never heard of Rotary; and 4 out of 10 people are only familiar with the name "Rotary".
Real told everyone that in the 2012-2013 Rotary year, the Rotary organization sponsored a two year study to find out why Rotarians join Rotary as well as what causes them the stay involved in Rotary.
The initiative objectives for this study were:
  1. Clarify what Rotary stands for, how it's differnt, and why people should care.
  2. Elevate awareness and understanding.
  3. Motivate, engage, and inspire current perspective members, donors, strategic partners and staff.
The study included:
  1. Feedback from Rotarians in 167 countries.
  2. 20,162 surveys analyzed.
  3. 160+ interviews conducted.
  4. 400+ documents reviewed.
  5. 20 clubs visited.
  6. Attended the 2012 International Convention
  7. Participated in 5 institute meetings.
The results of the study indicated that there is a growing shift away from charity to social impact. Basically, the foundation on which many nonprofits are built is flawed.… focused on a symptom rather than the underlying set of problems, developed in isolation rather than as part of an integrated system, and organized to administer a narrowly tailored program or benefit rather than generate sustained, significant change for a person or community. As a result, change is incremental, not big or bold enough to make a lasting and transformative impact.
Rotary's strengths differentiate it to:
  1. See differently
  2. Think differently
  3. Act responsibly
  4. Impact communities globally
And these strengths are compelling to a global audiences and offer a distinct approach, a personal connection, and a measurable impact.
The study also determined that the reason that people join Rotary is (in order of importance):
  1. To positively impact their communities
  2. For friendship and fellowship
  3. To have a positive impact globally
  4. The potential for personal/ professional recognition
  5. Development and training opportunities
It turns out that these are also the reasons why Rotarians stay Rotarians with the only difference is that friendship and fellowship move to the number one position as the reason to stay a Rotarian.
The reason for Rotary's being is:
Rotary joins leaders from all continents, cultures and occupations to exchange ideas and take action for communities around the world.
Rotary's beliefs are based upon:
  1. Fellowship and global understanding
  2. Ethics and integrity
  3. Diversity
  4. Vocational expertise, Service and Leadership
Rotary Expression (Voice) is:
  1. Smart
  2. Compassionate
  3. Persevering
  4. Inspiring
TO REALIZE OUR FULL POTENTIAL, WE MUST ALIGN WHAT WE SAY WITH WHAT WE DO! If Rotary is to realize its proper destiny, it must be evolutionary at all times, revolutionary on occasions.
Real also pointed out some good literature available from Rotary about membership and Kelly McDonald told everyone that she would get more info about that literature when she attends PETS.