On 9/17/2016, The Magnolia Rotary Club in partnership with the "Stop Hunger Now" organization and Interact and other interested students from both Magnolia High School and Magnolia West High School spent two hours stuffing, sealing and boxing up packages of freeze dried food and vitamins to help feed the many people in the world who everyday get up not knowing from where their next meal will come or if there will be one. Pictured above are 3 members of the Magnolia Rotary Club and two students preparing the boxes to place the food packages in.
In the two hours allocated for this event, 1,652 packages were completed and boxed up. This is enough food for 10,000 nutritional meals. Including almost all Rotary Clubs and many other organizations, "Stop Hunger Now" has shipped 281,381,207 meals worldwide to 74 different countries since their inception in 1998.
During the event, some great music was played to help make the time go by fast (and it did!). Everyone had a great time as well as feeling like they helped make a difference to many starving people in the world. At the end of the event, Chick-fil-A also provided their fantastic chicken biscuits and water for everyone involved. A photo of one of the completed packages can be seen here:
One of the assembly tables can be seen in the photo below:
Also, a group photo taken at the end of the event can be seen below:
A video of the event was made and can be seen by clicking on the right arrow below: