On Tuesday, 06/15/2021, Alisa Ward (Chief of Operations) spoke to the membership of the Magnolia Rotary Club about her organization known as Sole Mission of Montgomery County. Pictured above from left to right are: Hope Moye (President of the Magnolia Rotary Club) and Alisa Ward.
Alisa told her story barefoot to emphasize the fact that her organization is all about getting new shoes for those who can't afford them. She started her organization in 2008 after realizing the need for shoes that people who lose everything to a natural disaster many times don't have shoes to wear or money to buy them.It was originally called the "Shoe Project" but over time the named changed to "Sole Mission". The office for "Sole Mission" is located at 16140 FM-1485, Conroe, TX 77306 where volunteers can help every Tuesday night from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. Betty also introduced Gabrielle Beaty who is a new member of her organization.
Alisa pointed out that kids grow three half sizes every year. Families who can not afford shoes for everyone in the family either make use of hand me down shoes, share shoes, or do without. Alisa told everyone about a boy who came to Sole Mission to get shoes because he was using his grand mother's Croc's. He was always getting into trouble at school and many kids made fun of him because of his shoes. When the boy got his brand new shoes, he was so excited to get them, he told Sole Mission that he could not wait to go back to school. When asked why he was excited to return to school because up to that point he told everyone he hated going to school. His response was that now that he had new shoes and socks he would be treated like everyone else and not made fun of because of his shoes. Alisa also told a story about a mother and daughter who shared a pair of shoes. The daughter used them while at school and the mother used them to go to work in at night.
When asked about socks, Alisa told everyone that they have partnered with Bomba Socks who donates a pair of socks to her organization for every pair that they sell. That way every kid that gets a new pair of shoes also gets a new pair of Bomba Socks. Alisa told everyone that they typically provides shoes in sizes from men's 13 to women's 11. However, if specifically requested, they purchase shoes outside of these sizes. They have purchased shoes as large as men's size 22 and women's size 15.
Alisa then told everyone that they can help by volunteering (for events or shoe shopping), donating to their organization or simply buy any new kids shoes (and socks) and donate those her organization. Alisa also told everyone to pray for those in need and follow her organization on social media.
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