Posted by Carl Gerhardt on Aug 01, 2017
On 8/1/2017, Scot Wall, Texas State Minister to the Texas House of Representatives, spoke to the Magnolia Rotary Club membership about his current job as Texas State Minister. Pictured above is Scot Wall.
Scot told everyone that he was born in Dallas, Texas, in 1964 and grew up in the Houston area. He attended Colorado Christian University and Dallas Theological Seminary. In 2001, Scot founded and was the pastor of Magnolia Bible Church in Magnolia, TX, until 2016. As pastor, Scot taught that the Church is to seek and pray for the shalom (wholeness, welfare, health and peace) of the city in which God has placed her based on Jeremiah 29 and 1 Peter 2 & 3. As such, he encouraged his congregation to seek service and leadership positions in the community and to pray for their leaders. Scot sought to model this in his own life and became a part of many community organizations and ministries in his hometown.
Scot told everyone that he regularly visited city leaders and prayed for them. He also traveled to Austin many times in order to meet with state leaders and pray with them as well and that included local representative Cecil Bell. It was on one of these visits to Austin that Scot was introduced to Capitol Commission through then Texas State Minister, Don Garner. Scot was asked at that time if he might be interested in doing the same job that Don Garner did but in a different state. Scot told them that he was a Texan at heart and did not want to move out of the state. Almost one year later, Scot was called by the President of Capital Commission and asked to take on Don Garner's position as Don was moving on to a new job. After careful consideration and prayer, Scot is now investing his time to pray for, minister to and encourage Texas state leaders full time through Capitol Commission as the Texas State Minister.
Scot then told everyone a little about his job as Texas State Minister. Scot stated that he has to be available to all 150 state representatives when they are in session. The session "gavels in" at 9:00AM and depending on the day's schedule, he could be there till 5:00PM or until after midnight if the session goes that long (and does sometimes). The representatives call or text him when they are in need of prayers or need someone to talk to. While in session, many of the representatives text Scot with their prayer requests. Scot also holds Bible studies and attends many of the meetings and fund raisers that the representatives attend. However, he never speaks about politics or any specific denomination. Scot stated that only the Gospel of Jesus Christ can bring genuine change to any culture. The cause of Christ is not advanced by making laws, but by making disciples. And yet God has communicated that leaders, and in our case those who do make the laws of our state of Texas, should be capable and lead in a God-honoring manner. So our heart and desire is to see our leaders become and continue to be followers of Jesus Christ. 

Scot told everyone that so far, he has been told that he is doing a good job and that both sides of the political isle genuinely like him and the job he is doing. Finishing up, Scot told everyone that as pastor of Magnolia Bible Church, he taught the "shalom of Magnolia" and now that he is the Texas State Minister, the people of Magnolia Bible Church say that he is teaching the "shalom of Texas".