Posted by Carl Gerhardt on Dec 03, 2019
On 12/3/2019, Santa Claus came to visit the Magnolia Rotary Club. Pictured above from left to right are Hope Moye (President Elect of the Magnolia Rotary Club) and Santa Claus (Dave).
Santa Claus (Dave) spoke to the Magnolia Rotary Club about his job as Santa Claus. Dave told everyone that he is somewhat retired (teaches Tai Chi part time) but really loves his job playing Santa Claus, He explained that his wife accompanies him as Mrs. Santa Claus whenever Mrs. Claus is requested also. His wife is an excellent seamstress who makes all of his Santa outfits. Dave explained that he has 4 Santa Suits as well as extra pants for each suit (just in case some child relieves themselves on his lap). This is his second season as Santa and he belongs to the Lone Star Santas Club which is the largest Santa club in Texas. The members of this club meet monthly and they learn from each other about how to answer many questions they get. More information about this club can be found at:
Santa (Dave) told everyone a number of stories about kids and adults he comes in contact. He said he always needs to think fast to answer the many questions he gets about Santa. As Santa, he never promises anything but says things like it is on my list and I will do the best that I can but he can not fulfill every kid's long list and has to choose what he brings. When he gets questions about kids wanting a pet, he simply tells them that he can only bring things his elves can build and they can't build live animals. When asked if he is the real Santa, he takes off his glove and shows them his official Santa ring.
As to how he got started, he went to one of Janice Thigpen's Christmas party 2 years ago (Janice was his realtor at the time) and there was a Santa there that just sat in one place and never talked to anyone unless spoken to first. Janice suggested that Dave could do a better job and Dave agreed to give it a try at Janice's next Christmas party. He did so well that he started doing it for many clients but still does it for Janice every year.
When asked about how you learn to be Santa, Dave told everyone that there is a guy from California that comes to Texas in the off season and hold a Santa School once a year in different Texas cities. Dave also told everyone that he put almost 1700 miles on his car last year doing Santa gigs. Dave stated that people wave at him when he is driving in his full Santa Suit and he waves back. He is also a member of Lone Star Santas which has 513 members. Dave explained that occasionally he gets heart breaking stories from children like the time a child asked him if he delivers toys in Heaven because he wanted Santa to say hello to his brother. Dave said he prayed with that family.
Dave plans on going to the Ronald McDonald house this year and said that it could play on his heart strings but he still loves his job and hopes to do it for years to come.