On March 19,2020, several members of the magnolia Rotary Club decided to see if they could do an online Zoom meeting and if successful, hold other online meetings as needed. The photo above is of the 8 people (one without video) who performed the test. From top to bottom and from left to right are Magnolia Rotary Club members Ted Cummings, Carl Gerhardt, Tom Grayson, Charles Schultz, Hugh Fullerton, Janice Thigpen, Richard Allison, and Hope Moye (no video).
Since the meeting turned out to be successful, the group decided to invite the total membership of the Magnolia Rotary Club to our next Tuesday meeting that was cancelled due to the Corona Virus. We may also try to handle our scholarship committee using zoom. Hopefully, the Corona Virus thing will be gone by May but if not, we are all looking into ways to meet when physical meetings are not possible.