Posted by Charles Schultz on Jun 05, 2018
Hope Moye spoke to us about her daughter, Hanna Avila's collection of arrowheads and Sadie Bugs collection of Magical Rocks.
Hope Moye's daughter and her father been collecting arrowheads for some time.
Hope passed around some of her collection for us to see.
Hope then told us about Sadie. Her nickname is Sadie Bugs.
Sadie and her grandmother were hit by a vehicle that was out of control.
Sadie's favorite thing to do is to collect rocks. She is always looking for magical rocks.
Hope asked us to help Sadie recover by sending her our version of magical rocks.
She passed out river rocks and asked us to paint them and Hope would get them to her.
Send Rocks to:
Kelly Kehiride
7331 E. Jan Ave
Mesa AZ 85209
Photos of some of Hope Moye's daughter's arrowhead collection: