Paula McDonald
On Feb. 2, 2016, Paula McDonald, author of the book "Beloved Not Broken" spoke at the Magnolia Rotary Club.
Her inspirational stories woven into real-life lessons will have you in tears one moment and laughing the next!.
Paula McDonald was a Biology teacher at Magnolia ISD when some serious surgeries caused her to change direction and become a realtor with the Chevaux Group.
Her upbeat type A personality and faith in God helped her conquer all her difficulties.  She urged us to ask if we have fully lived today.
When she was 18, she learned that she was adopted and wanted to know her birth parents only to find out that her dad had passed away two years earlier.  She then discovered that she had a grandmother that was in a coma. Undeterred she went to see her grandmother. While she was there her grandmother woke up and said "Paula" even though they had never seen each other before.  Her grandmother then said that she had been waiting 18 years to meet Paula.  
Paula presented many slides with upbeat thoughts that helped her convert obstacles in her life to winnings. She has pulled her journey together in a book titled "Beloved Not Broken" that she hopes to publish at the end of this month.
Here is a link to Paula's website: