On March 3, 2016, the Magnolia Rotary Club held its annual Paul Harris Rewards Banquet to honor 5 people with the Paul Harris Award. The 5 people were Tony Gullo, Charlie Riley, Rick Milne, Katelyn Helms, and Kira Sears Elliott. Over 100 people attended the event.
The president of the Magnolia Rotary Club opened up the Paul Harris Awards Banquet and welcomed all of the guests while a slideshow of a review of projects and events that the Magnolia Rotary Club has been involved with during the past year and guest got food and started eating. After the meal, President Real Provencher gave an overview of what Rotary is all about including a slide presentation explaining Rotary. Then Spencer Beeman, a senior Interract Club member told everyone about his experience at this year's RYLA event including photos from the event. Spencer was joined by his school sponsor Tonya McCleskey who also talked about the event. Also at the event, 28 bottles of wrapped wine where 4 bottles had a $50 bill inside the wrapping. Each bottle of wine was sold for $20 to help defray the cost of the event which was free to all who attended (paid by the Magnolia Rotary Club). In addition to the wine bottles, tickets were also sold to win a chance at some pretty nice prizes. At the end of the presentations, the presentation of the Paul Harris Awards was begun. The District Governor, Doris Lockey gave out the presentations with help from Real Provencher and Deborah Rose-Miller. In addition to the 5 Paul Harris Awards given out, a dual Paul Harris Award was given to Rotrians Frank Parker and Tom Grayson who previously had been awarded their first Paul Harris Award. After the Paul Harris Awards presentations, the drawing for the prizes was held and the winners announced. This concluded this great event. Photos of the the Paul Harris Award Winners are below in the same order as mentioned at the start of this story.