Posted by Carl Gerhardt on Feb 13, 2018
On 2/13/2018, Executive Director of Paideia Classical Education (PACES), Dr. Ted Seago spoke to the Magnolia Rotary Club about his organization, the Family Education Foundation, and what "Leadership" is. Pictured above is Dr. Ted Seago.
Dr. Seago first explained that the word paideia (pie-day-uh) is a Greek word meaning "educating the whole." The goal of the organization is to partner with parents to help aid in educating the whole student. They believe that all creation gives glory to the Creator; therefore all works of literature, art, music and architecture are studied with Christian principles, more commonly referred to as a Biblical Worldview. They also believe that children learn best in an integrated educational program and for that reason they utilize a chronologically integrated approach to culturative history, humanities, literature, politics and events that are examined sequentially through a four-year study plan. Simply put, the goal of the organization is to serve home schooling parents. It is their conviction that parents are called to train up their children and it is the goal of PACES to help faciltate, or partner with the parent, to help the family in this mission. PACES was founded in 2010.
Dr. Seago then told everyone that PACES incorporates the concept of leadership in the classes and that  true leadership occurs through our influence with others. This influence starts with our spouses and our children then moves to family and friends as well as business contacts. However, with influence comes responsibility and involvement in our communities. Dr. Seago then talked about ways to increase your influence including growing yourself, the people around you and those within your organizations. One specific suggestion was to always be the happiest person in the room. If you do this, you will always leave the room better off than when you walked in and people will want to be around you.
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