Posted by Carl Gerhardt on Jul 25, 2017
On 7/25/2017, Marcy Parker brought an idea to the Magnolia Rotary Club membership as a potential future project. The idea is to add outdoor musical instruments to the playground in Unity Park that children could have fun playing on. Pictured above is Marcy Parker.
Marcy talked about a company (Freenotes Harmony Park) that builds outdoor musical instruments. Marcy showed some pictures of some of the instruments on their website ( Marcy explained that she spoke with the president of the company and found that the instruments are virtually indestructable and have been placed in parks all over the U.S. including some areas with pretty sever winters and summers. Because their starter set (seen in the photo below) starts at around $10,000 and most of the instruments are around $1,000, this might be a multi-year project.
Marcy also indicated that MISD might be interested in some of these instruments for their elementary school playgrounds. For more information on this company and their products, go to