On May 4, 2021 the MWHS Students of Excellence were honored for their achievements by the members of the Magnolia Rotary Club. Pictured above from left to right are Hope Moye (President of the Magnolia Rotary Club), Maya McCallum, Adely Aguilar, Ian Keck and MWHS Principal Dr. Ben King. Mitchell Traweek was unable to attend but was also honored.
Principal Dr. Ben king spoke about the students and their achievements as not only having great grades but also being very well rounded students who were involved in other activities including charity work. Dr. King then brought up each student in the following order and presented them with an award for being a Student of Excellence.
  1. Maya McCallum - Maya is planning on going to Sam Houston State University and will be playing on their soccer team. Maya said then while at MWHS she really enjoyed being a teacher's aid and helping elementary students. Her words of wisdom to pass on to freshmen was to try hard to simply enjoy school and have fun while doing it. Much of her volunteer work has been with younger students.
  2. Adely Aguilar - Adely is planning on going to LSC initially and wants her career to be involved in education but has not decided exactly what she wants to do in that field. Her words of wisdom for freshmen is to focus on getting their HS degree while in HS. Adely has volunteered at TOMAGWA and other areas as a Spanish to English translator.
  3. Ian Keck - Ian is a Running Back on the MWHS Football Team and is planning on going to Texas A&M to pursue a degree in business. His words of wisdom for freshman is to just be yourself and follow your dream and don't let other people decide for you what you will be. Ian is also a Boy Scout and volunteers in that organization.
  4. Mitchell Traeek - Mitchell was not able to attend today's meeting.Therefore Dr. King will take his certificate to him.
A photo of the students holding their certificates with their parents next to them can be seen below: