On May 26, 2016, MWHS Principal Brandon Garza presented this quarter's Students of Excellence to the Magnolia Rotary Club. Pictured from left to right are: Greg Macat, Payton Hulhanek, Alana Callahan, Matthew Matocha, and MWHS Principal Brandon Garza.
Principal Garza started by stating that he is blessed to have such great students in his school and that the 4 students he brought with him today are all exceptional and all 4 of them are planning to attend the University of Texas and get degrees in the medical field.
Principal Garza started his introductions with the girls with the first being Alana Callahan:
Alana Callahan is the daughter of Ted and Charlotte Callahan.  She is ranked #5 in her graduating class. Alana is a Varsity Cheer Co-Captain, in the National Honor Society, a member of the Student Council and participates in Academic UIL. Her teachers say Alana is a mature student for whom learning mathematics seems to be a passion. If she is not right, she tries to find out why and she is persistent in her inquiries. Teachers feel that high grades earned do not matter to her as much as her accomplishment and personal satisfaction of advancing her knowledge. Alana will be attending UT to major in Biomedical Engineering.
Alana then told everyone that she feels that MWHS, in addition to her parents,  provides a great system of support that has helped her to get to where she is today. She then thanked her parents and the teachers as well as the great support staff at MWHS for all they have done to support her during her high school years.
Next, Principal Garza introduced Payton Hulhanek:
Peyton Hulhanek is the daughter of Kevin and Stefani Kulhanek.  She is ranked #7 in her graduating class. Peyton is also a Co-Captain of Varsity Cheer, a member of the Student Council, Unite West,  the National Honor Society and is a member of the Yearbook team. Her teachers say that she is a natural born leader and always comes in with her upbeat personality and a smile on her face. At practice, she is looked to for encouragement and tutoring, whether cheer or academic related.  Payton has the ability to relate and converse with anyone, whether it be a peer or teacher, which has given her the reputation as a well-rounded student. Peyton will be attending UT to major in Pre-Pharmacy.
Peyton then told everyone that she wanted to thank her mom and dad and twin sister who is this year's Valedictorian. She also wanted to thank the great MWHS teachers and staff who have been so supportive of her throughout her high school years.
Next, Principal Garza introduced Greg Macat:
Greg Macat is the son of Kristal Macat.  He is ranked #18 in his graduating class. Greg is also in the National Honor Society,  DECA, and participates in Computer Science UIL. His teachers say that Greg has a high aptitude for learning and is very much involved in his school work, applying himself with persistence and dedication, and often going beyond the regular class assignments. Greg will be attending UT and majoring in Biomedical Engineering.
Greg then told everyone he owes his success to his mother who had to raise him by herself and has been involved in everything he does at school. Greg also thanked his teachers and the school administrators who have been there to help when needed during his high school years.
Next and last, Principal Garza introduced Matthew Matocha:
Matthew Matocha is the son of Keith and Cindy Matocha.  He is ranked #24 in his graduating class. Matthew is also in Varsity Basketball, Varsity Baseball, the Magnolia Leadership Committee, and the National Honor Society. His teachers say that he is a vibrant young man who applies himself to his studies both inside and outside of the classroom.  His involvement in extracurricular activities throughout high school is testament to his commitment to being a well rounded individual. Matthew will be attending UT and majoring in Nursing before becoming a Certified Nurse Anesthetist. 
Matthew then told everyone that he moved to Magnolia from oversees and is very glad that he did as he loves MWHS which he says is the best school he ever attended. Matthew then thanked the Rotary Club of Magnolia for what they do in the community including the Student Leadership Program and school scholarships that they provide.  Matthew then thanked both his parents for their total support in everything he does.
Real then talked to all the students and told them that they are all well rounded because of the many things that the MISD school gets them involved in. He suggested that many high school students become very focused on one or two things when they go off to college. Real stated that he has several friends who did that and it has limited them in their choices after they graduated from college. Real suggested that keeping their focus as broad as possible while attending college would provide them with many more opportunities after college graduation than just what their degree will get them. Real said that it will also allow them to learn more about life which becomes very critical when starting a career.
A photo with the students and their parents was also taken. See below: