On September 15, 2020, Susie Yeager who is the president of the Montgomery Speaks Toastmasters Club spoke to the membership of the Magnolia Rotary Club about her Toastmasters Club. pictured above is Susie Yeager.
Kelly McDonald introduced Susie Yeager to our club by telling everyone that Susie is a realtor at Lake And Lifestyle Realty  who has lived in Montgomery for 21 and is the Founder and President of the Montgomery Speaks Toastmasters Club.
Susie explained that she started the club to help herself learn to be a better public speaker and because she could not locate another Toastmasters Club in her area that meets at lunch time. Her club has 18 members but expects to have 20 sometime in October, Twenty members are required for a new Toastmasters Club to be chartered under Toastmasters International.
Susie then provide a slide show that contained the following Information:
  • Information about where her club meets (currently meeting either online or in person)
  • What her club provides its members
  • Who Toastmasters is and how its members can benefit from its training
  • Almost everyone has a fear of public speaking (#1 fear listed by people)
  • How friendly the club environment is for members learning how speak publically
  • The meeting agenda for her club
  • Some information about the pathway experience
  • How the evaluation process works
  • Other ways of learning available to club members
  • The cost of membership in her club (very reasonable)
  • How to join her club (by contacting Susie Yeager)
Information about Toastmasters can be found at the Toastmasters International Website: https://www.toastmasters.org
A photo of those in attendance can be seen below: