Posted by Carl Gerhardt on Aug 28, 2018
On 8/28/2017, Julie Martineau of the Montgomery County Community Foundation (MCCF) spoke to the members of the Magnolia Rotary Club and about 10 invited guests about how the MCCF got started, how it operates and what it does for the people of Montgomery County, Texas. Pictured above from left to right are: Magnolia Rotary Club President Chase Hogan and Julie Martineau.
Julie explained that the mission of the MCCF is to provide leadership in Montgomery County by directing sustainable financial resources that strengthen our community and improve the quality of life for current and future generations. The MCCF is not owned by any single person but it does have a board and a distribution committee that acts like a vetting agency for donors who want to make sure their donated funds are used as instructed.
Julie further explained that MCCF receives charitable gifts, manages charitable assets, and makes charitable grants. Currently, the Foundation administers $8+ million dollars in over 35 named endowment funds contributed or bequeathed by individuals, corporations, foundations and other sources. These funds are invested to grow and sustain the long-term charitable goals of all donors. Income from these funds allows MCCF to make impactful grants and scholarships, totaling over $1.2 million dollars to date, which support numerous nonprofits and students at the local level. Matching community resources with community needs is the ultimate goal of the Foundation.
Julie then explained that the Foundation's funds are professionally managed by the Woodlands Securities Corporation and Woodlands Asset Management, Inc. who provide a balance of consistent growth with minimal risk. Investment revenue is distributed annually through grants to nonprofit agencies working in the county and educational scholarships to local students.

Grants are awarded in a manner consistent with donors' specific and general interests. A distribution committee, made up of community volunteers, is given the responsibility of maximizing social return when distributing the investment revenue. As a philanthropic partner, MCCF provides the stewardship, flexibility and guidance to help donors support projects dearest to their hearts. This constructive grantmaking strengthens local nonprofits by helping them achieve their missions and ensures donors receive the most from their philanthropy.
Julie then told everyone that their are three types or categories of funds. They are:
  1. Donor Advised Funds
  2. Field of Interests Funds
  3. Agency & Designated Agency Funds
The MCCF works hard to make sure the donors wishes are followed and funds given out accordingly. She told us about a fund that was set up to allow for perpetual maintenance of the Memory Park that the Rotary Club of Lake Conroe created and set up to honor their members who have passed away.
Julie then showed a list of the 2017 MCCF Board of Directors and explained that they come from many of the local business in Montgomery County, Texas. She also spoke some about the Distribution Committee and showed a slide of some of the charities they have funded in the past.
Julie then explained the annual cycle that the MCCF goes through. It can be seen below:
  • February: Wine Dinner Fund Raiser.
  • Spring: Scholarship Committee meets and recommends winners.
  • May: Scholarship Winners Announced.
  • July: Decision made on what is available to fund.
  • August: Annual Shoot Out
  • September 15: Non-Profit Grants Due.
  • October: Grant distributions Determined.
  • December: Grant Recipients Reception.
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