On 8/19/2014, the MISD High School Varsity Football Coaches spoke to the Magnolia Rotary Club about their upcoming football season. Pictured from left to right are MHS Principal Jeff Springer, MHS head Football Coach Sterling Doty, MWHS Head Football Coach Shawn Bell, and MWHS Principal Brad Schnautz.


MISD School Board President Deborah Miller introduced both schools starting with MHS's Principal Jeff Springer. Principal Springer told everyone that he was proud to introduce his new coach for the 2014 football season, Sterling Doty. Jeff also pointed out the many accomplishments that Coach Doty brings to MHS.

Coach Doty then told everyone how he started with MHS on 3/3/2014 and that he came from Abilene-Cooper High School and that he has really been happy here in Magnolia where he thinks that MHS is a great school with great teachers and students. He has decided that "Win the day!" will be his motto for the 2014 football season and it is because he expects his football players to be great in the classroom and in the community as well as on the field and wants them to excel in each of those areas. He believes this is more important than winning football games but believes if his students live up to the motto, they will also win football games. He said he starting with spring training on 5/5/2014 and feels the team is "Catching Fire". On 5/31/2014, his team held a Bar-B-Q cook off called "Bulldog Bash" that really built up team spirits. During the summer, he held a 6 week strength and conditioning program to make sure the team will be up for the challenge of the 2014 season. He believes his team has shown good growth and will be ready for their opening 2014 season game against Kingwood Park High School. He also told everyone that he has brought in 4 new team coordinators to work with the team. In answer to a question, he indicated that he will have 28 seniors on his varsity team.

Deborah Miller then introduced MWHS's Principal Brad Schnautz who introduced MWHS Head Coach Shawn Bell. Brad told everyone that Coach Bell is in his 5th year at MWHS and that Coach Bell is a man of integrity and positive values who has been a great asset to MWHS as well as a great ambassador & leader on campus.

Coach Bell then told everyone that last year was one of the best years MWHS has had in recent football history as they had a great 9 (wins) and 4 (losses) for the season. This year, they will only have 7 on offensive and 2 on defense returning for the 2014 season. However, Coach Bell told everyone that he had some great people ready to step into the roles of those players he lost this year. Coach Bell also stated that he was thankful to be working in a community where the school board knew how important athletics was to the overall development of the students so that they will be better men, husbands, and citizens.  Coach Bell told everyone that he did not have spring training but started the season one week earlier. On 8/4/2014 his team had their first scrimmage against College Park and beat them. Coach Bell also told everyone that the new district this year includes Tomball and it will be good to have that friendly competition again. However, the district change also brought his team a very tough starting season against some really good schools. His motto for the 2014 season is "Our Time!" since many of the players who have been in the background in prior years now have their chance to shine as they take vacated positions left by graduating seniors.

Both coaches stated how important it was to build better men, husbands, and citizens through athletics. Winning games is nice, but it is far more important to mold students into great citizens. Both Principals agreed with this concept.