Magnolia ISD Baseball and Softball coaches - Jeremy Collins (MW SB), Travis Earles (MW BB), Chris Morris (MHS BB), Glenn Buckley (Club President), Angela Cooper (MHS SB), JD Berna (MISD Head Coach).

Season looking good for MISD baseball, softball team.

               The baseball and softball teams at both MISD high schools appear set to have strong seasons this year, the  Rotary Club of Magnolia learned Tuesday.

               All four diamond sports coaches as well as Athletic Director J. D. Berna updated the Rotarians on prospects Tuesday at the Magnolia Event Center.

               Travis Earles, Mag West baseball coach, admitted he will have difficulty matching last year’s class 5A State Championship title in Earles' second season at MWHS.  The team’s top three players all graduated, but he noted that three members of this year’s club have already signed to play college ball, so he is optimistic.

               Chris Morris, in  his second year as Mag High School baseball coach, is equally optimistic.  Morris spent 25 years at Montgomery High before making the move to MHS last year.

               Not to be outdone, both softball teams have plenty of promising players.  At Magnolia High School, Coach Angela Cooper has three seniors who have signed to play college softball.  Ms. Cooper is a 2000 graduate of Mag High.

               Jeremy Collins, Magnolia West softball coach, also has plenty of talent, with four players who have signed to play college ball after graduation.

               With UIL league realignment expected in the next few weeks, there is plenty of uncertainty for the baseball and softball teams, as they do not know who they will be playing regularly.