Posted by Carl Gerhardt on Jun 06, 2017
On 6/6/2017, Stephanie Saker, Director of After School Programs for MISD, spoke to the Magnolia Rotary Club about the MISD Adventures Program. Pictured above is Stephanie Saker.
Before starting her presentation, Stephanie just wanted everyone to know how great her job at MISD is and thanked everyone who had anything to do with her getting that job.
Stephanie then told the Rotary group that the goal of the MISD after school program is to incorporate learning into a fun and adventurous environment led by instructors employed by the district. The program is designed for kids in the 5-12 age group and provides a safe and positive environment for students each day after school. Students have academic and enrichment based opportunities, are able to work on homework, and have the opportunity to participate in structured recreational activities. Stephanie explained that the program started in the fall of the 2016-2017 year so this was their first year. She further expalined that they had a monthly average of 188 students in the program during their first year of opporation.
Stephanie explained that the program has been really successful for the following reasons:
  • A great staff
  • Positive feedback from parents
  • Building campus relationships
  • Happy Kids (some did not want to leave at the end of the day)
Stephanie eplained that the only negative feedback has been that the online registration has some problems (which are being worked).
Stephanie then talked about the 10 events from last season:
  1. Having fun (basketball, games, artwork, etc).
  2. A Lego Party.
  3. A bicycle safety presentation held by Texas Children's Hospital. They also gave every child a safety helmet.
  4. STEM activities including launching a rocket (powered by compressed air).
  5. Nutty Scientist "Castaway Show".
  6. A Planetarium Show (held in a portable planetarium).
  7. Making a yearbook.
  8. Making an artwork masterpiece.
  9. A Halloween safety presentation.
  10. Parents night out on Valentines Day (80 kids participated).
Stephanie then told everyone that the summer session started early yesterday (at the request of many parents). The summer session plans to have the following events:
  1. Literacy activities.
  2. Arts & Crafts.
  3. STEM activities.
  4. Field Trips.
  5. Sports and games.
  6. Swimming.
  7. Zoo Trip.
  8. Acquarium Trip.
  9. 7 acre woods
  10. Magic Show.
Stephanie said the program is also looking into a family picnic on 7/4/2017, a golf program, a bike safety presentation, & a trip to the Magnolia Fire Station.
Last but not least, Stephanie showed everyone photos of her husband and daughter.