Posted by Carl Gerhardt on Dec 11, 2018
On 12/11/2018, MHS Principal Dr. Metz introduced four Students of Excellence to the Magnolia Rotary Club membership. Pictured above from left to right are: MHS Assistant Principal Mark Hibner, Joshua Lezaro, Caitlin Martinucci, Jessie Coker, Allyson Holder, and MHS Principal Dr. Mike Metz.
Dr. Metz told the group that he had the pleasure of introducing four of the most incredible students at MHS. He stated that they were not only incredible because of their outstanding grades, but also incredible because of the number of lives that they not only touch but really impact at MHS. He then asked each student to introduce themselves and let everyone know a little bit about themselves and what their plans were after they graduate.
  •  Joshua Lezaro - Joshua explained that his family came to the US from Mexico and he did not learn English until the 4th grade and was not fluent in English until he started high school. However, he is now the President of the Spanish Honor Society, he participates in both math and science UIL activities, is a member of the MISD Student Leadership group as well as the 2019 Senior Class Secretary. Joshua told everyone that he wants to be a Chemical Engineer but has not yet selected a university to get his college degree.
  • Caitlin Martinucci - Caitlin told everyone that she loves choir and has been a member of the Top MHS Choir Choral for all of high school. She has sung with her group in many cities within Texas and occasionally in other states. She is ranked #5 in her senior class and is also a teen leader of her church Confirmation Class. Caitlin also wants to be a Chemical Engineer and has been accepted at the Texas A&M University.
  • Jesse Coker - Jesse told everyone that he is a senior and has been involved in the FFA for many years where he is a current club officer. He has shown both cattle and chickens and wants to own his own AG business on his own place someday. He plans on going to Texas A&M to major in Nutritional Sciences.
  • Allyson Holder - Allyson told everyone that also loves the FFA and is the Club Historian. She has shown heifers and enjoys public speaking on AG Business. She plans on getting her teaching degree at Sam Houston University and becoming an AG Teacher after graduation.
Some additional photos taken at the meeting can be seen below: