Posted by Carl Gerhardt on Oct 24, 2017
On October 24, 2017 Principal of Magnolia High School (MHS) Mike Metz introduced this quarters Rotary Students of Excellence. Pictured from left to right in the above photo are: MHS Principal Mike Metz, Jackson Moffatt, Caleb Wall,  Caroline Hittler, and Madeline Diamond.
MHS Principal Mike Metz introduced all four of this quarter's Rotary Students of Excellence after thanking the Magnolia Rotary Club for providing this opportunity to showcase his students and thanking the students family members for attending. Principal Metz told everyone that it is easy in today's world to get discouraged by simply watching the nightly news. However, looking at many of the MHS students will make one feel much better about the generations to come. In fact, the 4 students being showcased today are involved in so many things and doing so well at them while at the same time making time to help and fellowship with other students that the who of MHS is improved. All 4 of these students are well rounded and all already have a number of college credits to enter college with. Principal Metz then introduced the 4 students one at at time. The students then told everyone a little bit about their post high school plans.
1. Jackson Moffatt
Jackson Moffatt is a Senior with a 5.0 GPA and is ranked #37 out of 422 students. Jackson is on the MHS Basketball Team and he started the "F3" club which stands for "Friday's after school, Food, and Faith" which is a social club. Jackson plans on going to Baylor University to study Pre-Med with a career plan of being an Optometrist.
2. Caleb Wall
Caeb Wall is a senior with a 5.37 GPA and is ranked #17 out of 422 students. Caleb is on the MHS Football Team and is the President of several school clubs while also attending and leading bible studies on Monday and Wednesday nights. Caleb plans on getting a business degree at Texas A&M University.
3. Caroline Hittler
Caroline Hittler is a senior with a 5.35 GPA and is ranked #18 out of 422 students. Caroline is on th MHS Girls Basketball Team, is in IB Art and several other school clubs. She also attends bible study twice a week and plans to go to one of three colleges she is looking at for a degree in Architecture & Mathematics.
4. Madeline Diamont is a senior with a 5.28 GPA and is ranked #20 out of 422 students. Madeline is also in the IB (International Baccalaurette) program for several courses. She also explained how the IB program has given her new ways to expand and experience her knowledge.
One other photo taken at the meeting can be seen below. Pictured from left to right are: Billy Riley, Melissa Prode, Kandice Cabetts, Madeline Diamont, and Carl Gerhardt.