On November 17, 2015, members of the Magnolia Rotary Club traveled to the Magnolia High School Library to present this quarter's Students of Excellence Rotary awards. Pictured from left to right are MHS seniors: Marcus Sloan, Melanie Gorsalitz, Jack Titzman, and Alyssa Grimes.
Rotarian and MISD President Deborah Miller thanked everyone for braving the rainy day to attend and then bragged some on MHS Principal Jeff Springer saying that she is extremely proud of the great work Principal Jeff Springer does not only for MISD and MHS, but for all of the students that he cares so much for.
Principal Jeff Springer then got up and welcomed everyone to Magnolia High School (MHS) and thanked everyone for giving him another opportunity to show off not only his school but some of his great students. Mr. Springer then told everyone that he also wanted to thank the parents of the students who do so much to help them achieve their goals.
Mr. Springer than said that he would tell us a little bit about each of the four "Students of Excellence" and then ask them to come up and tell everyone about their plans after graduation. Starting with the boys first, Mr. Springer spoke of:
Jack Titzman:
Mr. Springer told everyone that senior Jack Titzman ranks 19th out of the 417 senior class students. Jack not only takes many AP classes but he is known at MHS as the "Top Computer Science Competitor" because he has taken MHS to the state finals in computer science events. He is also in the Math Mu Alpha Theta (math honor society) as well as the National Honor Society (NHS). Jack is also in the band where he plays the trumpet and and is a band section leader. Jack also is involved in community service and volunteers for the Special Olympics. Jack's teachers say that jack is not only an excellent student, but sets and meets his goals extremely well. In fact, Principal Springer stated that Jack was the only student that asked to speak to him over the summer holidays about his future goals. After the introductions, Jack told everyone that he will major in computer science and possibly at Rice University here in Houston, Texas.
Marcus Sloan:
Mr. Springer told everyone that senior Marcus Sloan ranks 4th out of the 417 senior class students. Marcus not only takes many AP classes but is a great contributor to many aspects of MHS. Jack is a member of both Mu Alpha Theta (math honor society) and the NHS, but is a key member of the MHS leadership Group. His teacher's say that not only is he a great student, but he has a generous heart and is willing to help anyone who asks. One of his teachers also stated that he helps her a great deal in his role as the secretary of the Mu Alpha Theta Society. After the introductions, Marcus told everyone that he has been accepted at the University of Texas where he plans on majoring in Global Communications with a goal of making the future better for everyone.
Melanie Gorsalitz:
Mr. Springer told everyone that senior Melanie Gorsalitz ranks 16th out of 417 senior class students. Melanie takes many AP courses including Calculus, English, Government, Band & Choir. Melanie is also a member of the Mu Alpha Theta Society and is a Commended Scholar. Melanie also has a passion for music and helping others. Her teachers say that Melanie is an extremely hard worker, dedicated, polite, a natural leader, and for many teachers is their "go to" student for student issues. After the introductions, Melanie told everyone that she has been accepted at three colleges where she wants to major in music and education. However, she has not yet decided on which school she will attend.
Alyssa Grimes:
Mr. Springer told everyone that senior Alyssa Grimes is a natural leader with a great deal of responsibility and if she wanted to, she could run the whole high school. He also stated that Alyssa is the Commanding Officer in the Magnolia Battalion where she is responsible for ROTC students as well as being the captain of the Rifle Team where she has led her team to the state finals. Alyssa takes many AP courses including Calculus, English, and Economics. Her teachers say that she is dedicated polite, gracious, modest and bright. She is also their UIL Computer Apps leader. They also say that she sets and achieves her goals. After the introductions, Alyssa told everyone that she has been accepted at Texas A&M University and will major in Accounting. When asked if she was interested in attending military schools such as West Point, she said that she wants a career in accounting and does not want to join the military.
Rotary Club President:
Magnolia Rotary Club President Real provencher then told all of the students to continue their hard work in college and continued to take a breath of courses that well help them be a more rounded citizen. Real than thanked all of the parents for their support of these students and told them it was a great honor for our club to recognize these students.
Additional photos from the event are below:
Photo of the parents and students. Pictured from left to right are: Kim Gorsalitz (mother of Melanie Gorsalitz), Melanie Gorsalitz, Stephanie Sloan (mother of Marcus Sloan), Marcus Sloan, James Sloan (father of Marcus Sloan), Mindy Titzman (mother of Jack Titzman}, Jack Titzman, Joey Titzman (father of Jack Titzman, Alyssa Grimes, and Rhonda Holtz (mother of Alyssa Grimes).
Individual student photos are below. Pictured from top to bottom are: Jack Titzman, Marcus Sloan, Melanie Gorsalitz, and Alyssa Grimes.