On 2/25/2020. Psychology Teacher and Interact Sponsor Katherine Cantu brought three Interact students who attended the 2020 RYLA event to talk to the membership about their experience. Pictured above from left to right are: Interact Sponsor Katherine Cantu, Nhu Tran, Ryan Ripley and Chelsea Nelson.
Ryan Ripley, Nhu Tran and Chelsa Nelson all thanked the Magnolia Rotary Club for allowing them to attend the RYLA camp. They all agreed that the event was worthwhile and was a high energy event filled with great speakers, good food and ice cream as well as a ropes course and many fun events.
Ryan spoke about his experiences first and spoke about learning many chants and a great deal about himself and leadership skills. Ryan spoke to a number of Roteract students who gave him some great ideas for community service projects for both junior high and high school. Ryan also noted that no Rotarian from our club managed to make it to this years event which prevented any of them from coming back as a counselor next year as counselors had to be nominated by a Rotarian from our club. Also, this year, RYLA changed the rules and asks each club to provide food for the students they send to RYLA. Our club promised to make sure nothing like this happens next year but also were surprised that no one in our club was notified about the changes.
Nhu stated that she learned some good leadership skills and also got some great ideas for some elementary school projects or service projects.
Chelsea spoke about her experience with the ropes course and specifically the "Trust Fall". Chelsea also learned about the different ways that people can be trusted.