On July 7, 2015, Rotarian Tom Grayson spoke to the group about how to get and retain new members. Tom Grayson is pictured in the photo above.
Tom Grayson told everyone that he believes that the key to getting and keeping new members is one of a personal touch from both the membership committee and the existing membership. That is, not only is the new guest invited in a personal way, but once they attend, all other members should do their best to make them feel welcome and appreciated. In effect each member is part of the larger Rotary family and we should treat everyone like family. Tom then showed everyone the current new membership package that he has created that includes info about what Rotary is and what Rotary has accomplished in the world.
Tom also asked for input from any member as how to improve any part of the new and existing Rotary club membership. One suggestion was to invite new members to a meeting where at least one of the Rotary recordings, brought back by Real Provencher from an International Convention, might be played. Another idea was to create a sheet about our local club showing some of the things we have accomplished as well as links to both our website and Facebook pages that could be added to our new membership package.
Tom then told everyone that many of our membership have never completed their ClubRunner Profile on our web site (http://www.magnoliarotaryclub.org). He asked that everyone take the time to fill their profile out with their personal info including birth date, email, and a photo of themselves. This info can only be viewed by other members. Birthdays can only be viewed by club officers so the info is not public but can help all members get to know each other. This is especially true of new members who can use profile photos to find out who other members are.
Tom then asked Carl Gerhardt to show those attending how to log into the Magnolia Rotary Club web site and update their profile information. Carl then showed everyone how to log in, access the membership page and then update their profile.