On November 18, 2014, Principle of Magnolia High School (MHS) Jeff Springer introduced this month's Students of Excellence. Pictured from left to right are Gavin Culberson, Amanda Sass, Kirstin Robertson, and Eric Gagliano.
MHS Principal Jeff Springer thanked the Magnolia Rotary Club for allowing him to present four of his top students to them. He also stated that one of his hardest jobs is to limit his selection to just four students when he has so many talented students in his school. Mr. Springer told us he would introduce each student one at a time after which they would introduce their parents to the club. Mr. Springer told the group that if everyone could meet the parents of these students, it would become apparent why the students are so gifted and well rounded. Mr. Springer introduced the students in the following order; Gavin Culberson, Eric Gagliano, Kirstin Robertson, and Amanda Sass. After all the introductions, Mr. Springer spoke about each student in the same order (see below) and then allowed each student in the same order to indicate where they were going to college and what their career plans were.
1.  Gavin Culberson
Mr. Springer told everyone that lived in Hempstead for a part of his life and knew many of Gavin's family from the church he attended there. He spoke highly of the family and of Gavin. Gavin is not only a great academic student but a great athlete as well having lettered two years in Varsity football. He is taking many AP classes including Computer Science, Calculus, Chemistry, and Government. His teachers speak of him as not only an excellent student, but one who has compassion for his fellow students and the community at large. He has played football at MHS for all 4 years and as a senior, became a leader on his team. Gavin also played in the Magnolia Bowl. Gavin stated that he loves Engineering and Chemistry and wants to be a Chemical Engineer one day. He is looking at maybe going to the University of North Texas because they have both football and the courses he wants to take. However, he is willing to look at other colleges if his finances dictate it.
2. Eric Gagliano
Mr. Springer told everyone that Eric is not only an outstanding student, but has spent 4 years both in Choir and Debate. Mr Springer was not sure how Eric made time for all the things he does in edition to his normal classes which include AP Physics, Calculus, Computer Science, and Statistics. His teachers say that he contributes greatly in his classes and sets very high expectations for himself. As a result, he is number 10 out of 284 in his senior class. He wants to go to the University of Texas where he is already taking quite a few classes in the summers and night in the hope they will let him in. He likes both Business and Engineering and is also looking at Georgia Tech as an alternative if needed. He has not yet decided on his career but hopes to make it something that can marry Business, Engineering, and Computer Science.
3. Kirstin Robertson
Mr. Springer told everyone that Kirstin is not only a great student but that she is very kind and respectful of others as well as being one of the nicest students on campus. She takes AP Calculus, Biology, and English classes and is number 22 out of 284 in her senior class. Her teachers speak highly of her and say they are blessed to have her in their classes. They also say she is professional at all times while in class. Kirstin is not sure what her career plans are but she likes both Business and Marketing and is planning on attending the University of Oklahoma when she graduates.
4. Amanda Saas
Mr. Springer told everyone that Amanda is not only a great student but that she is ranked number 1 in her senior class of 284. She takes AP Psychology, Government, Computer Science, Art, and Calculus as well as being involved in UIL academics. Mr. Springer stated that Amanda is a great competitor and sets a great example to her fellow students. He thinks she could make a great lawyer some day. Her teachers think highly of her and are glad that she is in their classes. Amanda stated that she is interested in social things as well as Journalism. She would like to attend the University of Missouri and get a degree in journalism and hopes to be a Journalist some day. The University of North Carolina is an alternate college she is looking at if her plans for the University of Missouri don't work out.
All of the students stated that they were extremely lucky to be going to MHS and that their teachers and Mr. Springer are awesome!
A photo of the students and their parents is below:
Pictured from left to right are: Gavin Culberson's Dad, Gavin Culberson, Amanda Sass's mother, Amanda Sass, Kirstin Robertson, Kirstin Robertson's mother, Eric Gagliano, and Eric Gagliano's mother.