Posted by Carl Gerhardt on May 01, 2018
On 5/1/2018, Kira Sears-Elliot spoke to the members of the Magnolia Rotary Club about the Magnolia Education Foundation. Pictured above from left to right are: Kira Sears-Elliot and Rotary President, Kelly McDonald.
Kira told everyone how great it was to be part of the MEF (Magnolia Education Foundation) and the almost completely new board headed up by Dr. Dacia Owens. She also told everyone how learning in traditional school was initially difficult for her because she prefers to learn by doing and being part of an experience rather than reading about something. However, in the 6th grade she a great teacher who also liked learning in the way that Kira did and invited Kira to spend time on her farm where she learned a great deal about farming. In addition, it made her more interested in learning which improved her school experience going forward.
Kira then showed a presentation made by the MEF and took questions after that. Below is from the MEF's web site.
Formed in 2001, The Magnolia Education Foundation was founded to provide "tools for learning" and funds programs outside of the school budget that supports excellence in education. The Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit tax-exempt organization consisting of volunteer, community and who are committed to making a difference, the Board's primary purpose is to work together with the district to ensure student success, giving every child every opportunity.
The Foundation provides an avenue for business and community members to enhance the education process. People from all sectors of the community are invited to become involved in the support and improvement of the quality of education.
We couldn't do it without you!
There are so many people who lend a helping hand of time, money, or energy to make an organization like this a success. A special thanks goes out to all business partners and volunteers for their support to the Magnolia Education Foundation.
Thank you!

"To achieve academic excellence by developing financial
resources through community involvement."
Our Goals
Fund the maximum number of grants for innovative teaching projects.
Increase volunteer participation in Foundation activities and events. Provide endowment funding source to foster creative teaching activities.

To contact the Magnolia Education Foundation, please email Dacia Owens at
Prior to Kira's presentation, the club membership made contact with Barbara & Real Provencher via Zoom while they were on a boat somewhere south of Nassau. The picture below is from of Real & Barbara via Zoom: