The Magnolia Rotary Club spent the time preparing for two upcoming events. One is the annual Magnolia Bowl and the second was the District Grant Project to build a Raptor Flight Cage for the "Friends of Texas Wildlife" (FTWL) organization. Pictured from left to right are Janette Winklemann (President of FTWL), Evelyn Heyde (VP of FTWL), and Deborah Rose Miller (Chair of the Magnolia Bowl fundraiser).
The Magnolia Bowl event will be held on 11/07/2014. Deborah Rose Miller, as chair of the event, explained to everyone what and when everything is to happen. She also handed out event T-shirts to those who purchased them. Deborah indicated that $14,000 has already been raised and that about 400 $5.00 meal tickets have been sold along with most all of the event T-shirts. Deborah also showed everyone the cute trophy to be given out to the winner of the Chick-fil-A eating contest (see below).
Rick Milne presented drawings of the preliminary plans for the Raptor Flight Cage project using the presentation screen at the ESC. Rick also handed out hard copies of the preliminary plan drawings. Rick told everyone that we had a budget of $3,500 to work with and that we will most likely need all of it.  The size of the Raptor Flight Cage will be 12 feet wide, 32 feet long, and 10 feet high. It will basically be a pole barn with a double door entry to make sure the birds do not escape. Rick also showed a preliminary bill of materials (not including framing costs) that had an estimate of $2989.19. After some discussion and question answering, it was suggested that the telephone poles be on the outside of the structure so as not to cause the birds any contamination, that the roof be made of corrugated fiberglass instead of tin, that the roof be a single slant roof instead of a pitched roof, that the double door entrance be moved to the outside of the structure, and that the framing use 1x4 boards spaced no more than 3/4" apart. It is hoped that the savings from the roof changes will cover the costs of the siding and moving the double doors outside the structure. See meeting photos below.
Rick agreed to rework the bill of materials and a number of our members offered to help get the materials to the site and get help with installing the poles.