Posted by Carl Gerhardt on Sep 05, 2017
On 9/5/2017, Kelly Dooley, National Campaign Manager for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation spoke to the members of the Magnolia Rotary Club about his foundation and how it helped Chase Hogan's son Liam get through his Brain Tumor. Pictured above is Kelly Dooley. 
Kelly Dooley told everyone that the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation (PBTF) was created in 1991 by the founders of Ride for Kids, and is now the leading nonprofit funding research into childhood brain tumors. Their events also fund free educational resources, college scholarships for brain tumor survivors and emergency financial aid for families. Currently, American Honda is the presenting sponsor of Ride for Kids. Other national supporters include Cycle World magazine, Dunlop, Cardo ScalaRider, Scorpion, and AMA. Ride for Kids is the longest-running, most successful motorcycle charity event in the nation. Since 1984, motorcyclists have raised funds to help children with brain tumors, which are the top cause of cancer death in children. Kelly stated that about 28 thousand kids across the Umited States are served by their organization.
Kelly Dooley told everyone that there are around 100 different types of brain tumors but only 2.4% are life threating. Some of the symptoms of a brain tumor are headaches, loss of balance, seisures and in some cases throwing up. Kelly stated that PBTF partners with Texas Children's Hospital and doctors from around the United States form the board of PBTF. This board makes all the decisions as to where funds raised are spent.
Kelly Dooley then introduced Chase Hogan, his wife Jaime and their son Liam. Kelly explained that Liam is a survivor of a brain tumor.
Chase Hogan and Jaime Hogan then told everyone about how PBTF and Kelly Dooley were very important to them in their efforts to resolve Liam's brain tumor problem. Chase explained that after several surgeries and some raidiation therapy Liam is now free of his brian tumor and will be going to school like any other healthy child. 
Kelly Dooley stated that at the end of 2016, the PBTF had received almost $7 Million in charity funds. Kelly also stated that 80% of all funds received go to their programs with only 20% going to administration and overhead. Kelly also stated that PBTF wants to try to bring together other brain tumor foundations into a larger group because they are all doing research to solve the same problem.
Kelly Dooley then told everyone that PBTF has a fundraiser that occurs every September called Starry Night 5K  that is a national series of evening walk/runs that shine a light on the deadliest form of childhood cancer. At each event, participants and families light the nighttime sky with hundreds of lanterns. Yellow lanterns represent survivors of brain tumors and blue lanterns reprsent those children who lost their brain tumor battle and have passed away. This powerful ceremony celebrates their shared hope for a cure and honors children and teens with brain tumors - the PBTF’s Stars. Fundraising efforts support pediatric brain tumor research and family service programs. This event also includes a 50-yard dash for kids, entertainment, food and plenty of fun for the whole family! However, this year's event at the Woodlands had to be cancelled due to hurricane Harvey.
For more information about PBTF, Kelly gave the following URLs:
After Kelly Dooley's presentation, Kelly McDonald presented Glenn Buckley a $1500 check for the Lake Creek Greenway Partnership that Glenn founded. Glenn then explained a little bit about the project and thanked the Rotary Club for the donation. Some of the $1500 went to create a large sign showing the different kinds of poisonous snakes that can be found in Lake Creek area (see below). The sign indicates that it was sponsored by the Magnolia Rotary Club.
For more info about the Lake Creek Greenway Partnership, go to: