On June 2, 2020, the membership of the Magnolia Rotary Club met via Zoom to discuss upcoming events. Pictured above from left to right and top to bottom are: Charles Schultz, Carl Gerhardt, Hugh Fullerton, Glenn Buckley, Richard Allison, Real Provencher, Chopin Kiang, Janice Thigpen, Ted Cummings, Tom Grayson (stepped out of photo), Kelly McDonald, Hope Moye, Barbara Provencher and David Arevalo (on IPad - no video).
The membership spoke about who the guest speaker will be on June 16th and Janice Thigpen told everyone that irt will be Vicky Clayton from Arrow Child & Family Ministries.
Janice also told everyone that the Rotary Training sessions will be ongoing this week via Zoom and asked those who can to attend them.
The membership also spoke about the effort to get a new budget in place before July 1, 2020 when Hope takes over as president. Real, Hope, Carl & Kelly will work on budget proposal for board to consider and approve.
Janice also told everyone that the new club officers will be sworn in on 6/30/2020.
The rest of the meeting was devoted to discussing the upcoming scholarships to be given out. Richard Allison as chairman of the scholarship committee told everyone that we had 13 scholarship applications turned in for the committee to review and select the winners from. Richard pointed out that all of the entries were great candidates but the committee will use selection criteria like grades, Interact participation, attendance at in state colleges, number of community service hours, participation in RYLA, and whether or not future career plans are close to home or at least in Texas to make the final decision on who gets the awards.
Real pointed out that he needs as quickly as possible to know who the student with the most community service hours is so that he can provide the Paul Harris information prior to that $1,000 scholarship being given out. Carl told everyone that he had reviewed all of the applications and that one student stood out with more than 400 community service hours and suggested that in the interest of time we make that student this year's Paul Harris award student. Everyone agreed so Carl provide Real Provencher will all the information on that student to make the Paul Harris Award happen.