On March 1, 2022, the members of the Magnolia Rotary Club held an internal club meeting to discuss our ongoing International Project and our current District Project. Pictured above from left to right are Rotary members: Real Provencher (International Project) and Hugh Fullerton (District Project).
Real Provencher gave a status update on the club's Sierra Leone International Project. He spoke about the initial success of the project as well as the fact that COVID-19 restrictions have prevented the U.S. Rotary members from returning to do project assessments. However, there is still $12,000 to spend on the project and the Rotary Foundation has asked for the project to look for ways to spend the funds in Sierra Leone instead of on traveling back to Sierra Leone for project assessments. This is because it has become evident that the local people are using the funds provided to them by Rotary to do so much good in the area that it simply makes more sense to use the remaining money locally. Several projects have been suggested and are being evaluated. In addition, the Micro-Lending project that was started has been an amazing success with 183 micro loans made with no missed payments. The loans have been mostly used as working capital to create new crop fields and make money on what is harvested by taking the product to market. Real also pointed out that several of the original students are starting to create their own projects to make money. In summary, our small club International Project in Sierra Leone is ongoing and doing great things in the area.
Hugh Fullerton gave a status report on our District Project which aims to help under-privileged students to be able to consider a non-collegiate path to a good career. After working with the MISD and outside organizations that can help with student interviews, volunteer members of our own club will be able to help in mock job interviews for almost 200 eight graders on April 28, 2022 to be held at Bear Branch Junior High off of FM 2978. These students have already taken (or in the process of taking) a "Colleges and Careers" course which is designed to make students aware of career opportunities if they are not planning to go to college. Hugh informed all club members that they will be able to sign up for as many one hour time slots as they can fit into their schedule. Also, the professional interview company will provide volunteer interview packets so that volunteers will not have to prepare in advance for their effort. Hugh also told everyone that more information will be coming in the near future. There is also a probability that the mock interviews may be held again sometime in May 2022.