On 5/12/2020, members of the Magnolia Rotary Club held an internal meeting via Zoom. Pictured above are those who were in attendance.
Janice Thigpen signed in briefly to tell everyone that she had another meeting and therefore could not attend. Since Hope Moye (President Elect) was not in attendance, Janice turned the meeting over to Carl Gerhardt (Treasurer). After the prayer and pledges were completed, Carl took everyone through a review of how to use the club's website since several members were not sure how to access it. Carl explained that the club's website is located online at www.magnoliarotaryclub.org. With Charles Schultz navigating and Carl narrating, a short review of how to gain access to various parts of the website including a list of active members (and contact info), the club documents and ClubRunner's Messaging (email) Center where any member can write emails to any or all the other club members using ClubRunner (the software that is used to manage the site). Carl & Charles also showed everyone a little bit about the "My Rotary" (link at the top of the club's website) website for information from a Rotary perspective about our club and other information about Rotary. The ClubRunner Mobile App (which allows direct phone and email access to all members) was also discussed.
Charles Schultz then provided a review of how to use Zoom when in a Zoom Meeting by showing the various hot spots located on the Zoom view page. These included the Zoom video and audio settings including the ability to mute yourself or un-mute yourself, raise your hand to ask a question, and the ability to chat with anyone on the Zoom meeting.
Kelly McDonald wanted to tell everyone that the two high school Interact Clubs have written about 60 letters to nursing home residents to help them feel more in contact with the outside world.
David Arevalo told everyone that they need to just reach out and call another member from time to time just to keep in touch. David pointed out that will increase the spirits of both people on the call.
Carl then closed the meeting with the 4-way test after taking the above photo of the group.